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vice ganda part 2 of birthday celebration

After giving us a glimpse of the fun and heartwarming happenings during his unkabogable birthday party last April 13 held at a luxurious private resort in Nueva Ecija in his previous vlog, It’s Showtime host Vice Ganda then brought us to the second part of the celebration, which was held the following day at the Pantabangan Lake located in the said province, in the latest entry on his YouTube channel.

Unlike the first part that was relatively formal and more organized, the second part was pretty laidback and casual as the celebrator and his loved ones, friends, It’s Showtime family, and other guests had a simple yet sumptuous buffet lunch by the lake, while still cladded in white ensembles. Of course, he had a boisterous kulitan moment with his It’s Showtime family as they happily ate together at one table and then took loads of photos with the serene lake as the backdrop.

After the enjoyable and filling lunch, Vice and his It’s Showtime fam then went on to try the various activities offered there, such as the thrilling 4x4 ATV ride, jet ski, flying fish, and banana boat. He and his spouse Ion Perez and anak-anakan Ryan Bang went jet skiing, and then he and Ryan braved the bouncy flying fish.

Being the generous and fun-loving person that he is, the Unkabogable Star then dared some members of the It’s Showtime staff to take on the “Banana Boat Challenge” and the “Laglag, Ganern (Flying Fish) Challenge,” in which the last person standing (or sitting) would take home P10,000. None of the contestants survived the banana boat, while only one remained standing on the flying fish after five rounds.

The video capped off showing the beauty and tranquility of the Pantabangan Dam from above.