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KapUpdate It’s Showtime Tumpakners

After taking a break for 12 days, It’s Showtime made sure to have an unkabogable comeback by not only bringing in fresh, good vibes through their antics, jokes, and banters, but by also launching a brand-new game under the “Fun-anghalian” segment that would provide more fun and entertainment, and even cash prizes, to the madlang people. And that is the “Tumpakners”!

In this game, the hosts were divided into two groups with one pair from each, who should provide the same answer in the category that would be given by the game masters. And in the past weeks that it has been on, we have already witnessed a lot of droll moments among the hosts as they battle it out to beat their opponents and make the losing team provide prizes to the madlang people.

And in this episode of Kapamilya Update, let us revisit some of the hosts’ amusing “tumpak” moments in “Tumpakners”!

Let’s start off with the inaugural episode, wherein “sisterettes” Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda jumped for joy as they both exclaimed “bangus” when asked about a type of fish. According to Vice, she chose it among the other kinds because it’s the unofficial national fish of Philippines, while Anne imparted that she just had sisig na bangus the other day. They were able to prove for the second time that they are indeed sisters as they once again had the same response in the “wild animal” category, which was “lion.”

Vice then had a “tumpak” moment with Jackie Gonzaga when they both uttered the name “Ion” for the “pangalan ng lalaking pogi.” We were further astonished by them when the two of them said menudo for the “pagkain sa karinderya” category. Her team-up with Jugs Jugueta in that same episode was also a success as they both yelled “Anne” for the “pangalan ng babae” category.

Anne, on the other hand, didn’t let herself lose to her sisterette as she and Kim Chiu both thought of “Pasko” for the “holiday” category.

In another episode, the tandem of Jackie and Vice wowed us anew when they nailed the “bagay na dinadala sa sementeryo kapag Undas” category by mentioning “kandila.” And they’re winning streak went on as they yelled “gitara” as a response to the musical instrument category, then “chicken” in the “pagkain sa fastfood” category.

Jhong Hilario and Karylle were apparently in the same wavelength as both of them also shouted “kandila” to the “bagay na sinisindihan” category. He then also had a “tumpak” moment with Jugs in the “uri ng ibon” category when they both uttered “maya”.

Vice also had a triumphant moment with her anak-anakan Ryan Bang in one episode as they both answered “ballpen” when asked for a type of school supplies. At the same time, Karylle and Jhong impressed us when they won the “pagkaing malamig” category after they said “ice cream” in unison.

The Unkabogable Star’s “focus” strategy indeed worked as her tandem with Ryan in another episode apparently worked as they nailed the “buwan sa kalendaryo” category by shouting “December.”

Did these funny tumpak moments of the It’s Showtime hosts entertain you as well, madlang people?

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