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Sarina Hilario 3rd birthday celebration

With how irresistibly cute and amazingly talented she is, there’s definitely no doubt that Jhong Hilario and longtime partner Maia Azores’ unica hija Sarina is one of the most adored kiddos on the internet today. And just recently, they marked her third birthday by giving back to less fortunate kids, as seen in the latest vlog uploaded to the official YouTube channel of the It’s Showtime host.

The video commenced with the happy family bringing to their trusted bank all the coins that they earned throughout the year, which amounted to 34,712.75. It is said that they would utilize it for her birthday celebration.

While it’s the celebrator who usually receives gifts on their birthday, it’s Sarina who gave away presents as her parents decided to celebrate the delightful milestone by having a heartwarming and meaningful celebration at the White Cross Orphanage in San Juan. Aside from being their means of sharing their blessings, joy, and care with orphaned children who rarely enjoy that kind of occasion, it’s also Jhong and Maia’s way of inculcating to their daughter that “sharing is caring.”

Before the party kicked off, Sarina received a box of dolls as a gift, much to her delight as a fan of Disney Princesses. During the celebration, she enthusiastically played with the kids and serenaded them with her adorable renditions of “I See the Light,” “A Whole New World,” and “Fly Me To The Moon.” She also gave away cool gifts and yummy snacks to them, as well as was so thrilled to see the mascot of a popular fast-food chain to whom she played and took pictures with it.

As the birthday girl was about to blow the candle on her birthday cake, Jhong expressed his wish for her. “To Sari, ang wish namin sa’yo, sana lagi kang healthy, lagi kang masaya, and sana mas marami ka pang taong mapasaya at ma-inspire,” he said.

Since their blessings have been overflowing, their gift-giving didn’t end there as the three of them personally gave toys and snacks to two kids with special needs. Aside from that, Jhong shared that they also had a series of outreach programs in remote areas in Mindanao, namely, Maibo Elementary School in Magsaysay, Davao del Sur; San Miguel Elementary School in Lubogan Toril, Davao City; and Field of Dreams in Guianga Tugbok, Davao City, which were all organized by Jhong’s friend named Edwin.  

“Nakakatuwa kasi sabi ni Edwin, ‘yong mga teacher, ‘yong mga kababayan natin na may mga cellphone na doon, kilala raw si Sarina. Sobrang thankful talaga kami at masaya rin kami na nakapag-give back kami sa kanila,” the Sample King imparted. He went on to promise that their family will never get tired of helping and sharing their blessings to those in need. 

Happy birthday, Sarina!