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PAANDAR 2019: 8 times Direk Bobet Vidanes stole the spotlight on It’s Showtime

In the previous years, we’ve been accustomed to seeing the gregarious hosts of It’s Showtime on our screens most of the time. But this year, they shared the spotlight to the other members of their continuously growing family, particularly to their one-and-only beloved director and “tatay-tatayan” Direk Bobet Vidanes.

As we bid goodbye to 2019 and join them head on to their 11th year, let’s take a look back on the 10 on-screen moments of the well-loved and brilliant director in this feature.

A day without picking on each other is seemingly a day without fun for hosts Jhong Hilario, Vhong Navarro, and Vice Ganda, which is also the same reason why they’re often reprimanded by the staff, more so Direk Bobet. And there was this one instance when their shenanigans got out-of-hand that caused the show to overtime, urging him to lightly scold them in person.

It has been a tradition for It’s Showtime family to celebrate their respective birthdays on the program. Since he couldn’t do a production number, the hosts staged a special birthday surprise for Direk Bobet by performing two of his all-time favorite songs and delivering their sincere and sappy thanksgiving for him one-by-one, which made them tear up.

He also had the opportunity to explain how he painstakingly picked each of them to be part of the hosting lineup of the long-running noontime program.

Aside from sitting on the director’s chair, Direk Bobet also used to sit as the perpetual judge of the Bidaman segment, wherein he astonishingly went emotional because of the overwhelming joy he felt upon seeing the remaining contestants vying for the highly coveted title.

He then went on to impart nuggets of wisdom about the difference between “want” and “like” and how he’s able to realize it growing up, which made almost everyone shed a tear.

Just when we thought that it was only Kapamilya hunk actor-turned-Bidaman juror Enzo Pineda who had a well-chiseled bod to show-off, Direk Bobet confidently flexed his right arm to display the hard-earned bulging muscle he got from probably working out.

Waking up in a good mood, Vice Ganda said how it made him want to sing a couple of songs. Thus, he and the rest of the It's Showtime family opened the program by singing Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors."

In the middle of their performance, they called Direk Bobet to join them on-stage as they continued singing the next half of the song and went on to sing Noel Cabangon's "Ang Aking Awitin", which were revealed to be his favorite songs.

Prior to the beginning of the Magpasikat 2019 week last October, Direk Bobet officially opened the competition by delivering a hearty speech about the things the madlang people were probably not aware happened behind-the-scenes and how each group exerted their all in their respective presentations.

While he usually goes out of his booth every time he has to ‘reprimand’ the hosts or the writers, as what Vice Ganda divulged, Direk Bobet surprised everyone when he enthusiastically heeded to the hosts’ request for him to dance Swing with one of the contestants of Miss Q & A Intertalaktic 2019.

While it’s usually him who instructs the hosts what to do, there were times that the tables had turned as the duo of Vice and Jhong were able to make fun of their beloved director on that same episode of Miss Q & A 2019.

Direk Bobet is indeed a cool director, isn’t he? Which of his moments on the spotlight do you like the most?