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Netizens express jubilation, excitement with return of It’s Showtime, ABS-CBN shows on Kapamilya Channel

Excitement, jubilation, satisfaction filled the hearts of netizens when a familiar signal reached TV sets on Saturday, June 13, on a new cable channel that bears a name we all miss on air.


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When Kapamilya Channel appeared onscreen, euphoria filled social media feeds with posts welcoming the return of their favorite ABS-CBN shows on air and anticipation for the upcoming new programs that will touch their hearts.




What is even more touching is to see how Kapamilya Channel has brought smiles to viewers missing their favorite Kapamilya programs, especially the return of the Madlang People’s favorite noontime show.



We’ve really missed watching It’s Showtime in the three months since its last airing. Because of this, its comeback hashtag #ShowtimeMagkasiyahan emerged as the top trending topic in the Philippines.



And netizens can’t hide their utmost enjoyment.



The return of ABS-CBN programs on Kapamilya Channel is part of the network’s commitment to deliver quality entertainment whatever it takes to its beloved viewers.