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Piling lucky winners

It has been only a month and half ever since It’s Showtime launched its newest and grandest segment, “PiLing Lucky”, yet it has already given whopping amount of cash prizes to our beloved Kapamilyas who dared to try their luck.

A wordplay of Filipino word “pili”, which translates to “choose” or “chosen,” and English word “feeling”, then combined with “lucky,” this game truly depends on luck since it’s the ‘charot cards’ that will determine the fate of the contestants. But before reading the content of the ‘charot’ card they picked, the hosts would ask the participants to pick one item first from the cart that would be brought to the stage. Once the item they chose would correspond to what the ‘charot’ card is looking for, they’ll be tagged as ‘lucky’ and will proceed to the next phase, until the final round is reached. Just in case nobody wins on a certain day, the prize allotted will be added to the pot money until someone incredibly lucky bags it.

And in the past weeks, whether you believe it or not, the noontime show has already produced six winners, whose lives have arguably changed after taking home the hefty jackpot prizes. Let’s take a look back on their winning moments here!

It seemed that host Vice Ganda felt how Jean terribly needed a huge amount of money for her pterygium (a common non-cancerous growth on the cornea) and kidney stones surgeries as he gave her and her fellow contestant four chances to change their chosen items before revealing the command of the ‘charot’ card he’s holding.

Asked to choose an item from the junkshop staples brought in by Jugs Jugueta and Teddy Corpuz, Jean initially opted for a scrunched-up water bottle. However, the Unkabogable Star encouraged them to replace whatever they were holding, so she switched to a dustpan, to a faulty electric mosquito racket, and to a hanger, before picking a stool.

When he divulged that the ‘charot’ card was requiring them to step on their chosen item and their height should reach six feet, we already knew that Jean was indeed lucky! She bagged the Php150,000 pot money plus the amount she earned from the previous rounds.

Being instructed by the ‘charot’ card to have their chosen item stuck in their nose and hold it for 10 seconds, contestant Crystalyn indeed made a great choice as she went for a pair of wooden chopsticks while her contender, Michael, opted for a metal spatula. Thus, it was her who bagged the Php100,000 jackpot prize for that day, aside from the Php6,000 she gained from the past rounds.

“PiLing Lucky” winner for the January 14 episode, Jay-Ar, jumped for joy after the basket of vegetables he chose didn’t only reach but exceeded the 5-kilo mark the ‘charot’ card had required.

As Vice jested that he would probably treat his friends to a drinking spree, the contestant said that he would give his Php106,000 prize to his parents as his way of helping them put up their own business.

Make It With You stars and well-loved reel-to-real loveteam Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano seemed to bring in luck during their appearance on the noontime program as one of the three remaining “PiLing Lucky” contestants for that day took home the highly coveted Php250,000 cash prize.

Ate Divina wasn’t able to hold back her tears after the remote she picked was able to turn on and off the television situated on-stage, indicating that she’s indeed the lucky one! Aside from the Php250,000, she also brought home the P6,000 she earned from the previous rounds.

It was definitely the most memorable and happiest Valentine’s Day celebration for a contestant after he took home the whopping Php1.1-million jackpot prize.

By simply choosing a shirt with a heartbeat design identical to what guest Cristine Reyes, who was there to promote her upcoming movie with Xian Lim titled “Untrue,” was wearing inside her red jacket, “PiLing Lucky” winner Ryan went home a millionaire. According to him, he’s going to allot a portion of it to the hospitalization of his wife once she gives birth soon!

And just three days after Ryan bagged the Php1.1-million jackpot prize, another “PiLing Lucky” contestant went home with a wide, bright smile on her face after picking the jar with the “House and Lot” sticker under its lid. Ate Marissa, who was initially only aiming to snag the highly coveted prize for that day, wasn’t able to hold back her emotions nor speak as her wish was immediately granted. Aside from the house and lot, she also took home the Php6,000 cash she received in the previous rounds.

Congratulations to the truly lucky “PiLing Lucky” winners!