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Memorable, touching Christmas Day episodes on It’s Showtime through the years

Without a doubt, It’s Showtime brings smiles and fun every day to madlang people everywhere. So come Christmas time every year, it’s double the joy without fail.

While excitedly waiting for what they have in store this year, why don’t we revisit some Christmas moments in the past years? Together, let’s look back on the most memorable holiday specials with the It’s Showtime family!

Back in 2014, a spontaneous gift giving started by Vhong Navarro was enjoyed by all. As an appreciation for the madlang people on the set, he gave away three pairs of shoes! The rest of the It’s Showtime family were inspired and gave items of their own away. Vice Ganda quickly removed his “Praybeyt Benjamin” army jacket and gave it away. Ryan Bang offered his shades; Jhong Hilario, his bracelet; and Anne Curtis, her very own lipstick. Teddy Corpuz and Karylle also joined in the fun, with Teddy gifting his cap and Karylle giving her watch.



The It’s Showtime family also presented a festive performance that day. They wore glittering red and green outfits while dancing along to a bopping remix of ABS-CBN’s Christmas IDs.



The following year, they continued to spread good vibes with a dance craze to Christmas medleys. The iconic ViceRylle love team also stole the spotlight with a soulful and moving song duet.



While the performance was a treat to viewers, the noontime hosts also showed their love for each other in their exchange gift. They opened their presents for each other on the show and explained why they gave such presents. The exchange gift activity was both hilarious and touching as they all gave funny yet meaningful gifts.



In 2016, we were brought to a nostalgic phase watching their “namamasko” performance on It’s Showtime. Classic caroling songs blared with lively dancing and cheer.



2017 was a heartwarming Christmas year because It’s Showtime decided to shed light on real life superheroes Noel and Elisse. Noel is a volunteer who educates communities about safety and disaster risk reduction and prevention. He hopes to help save lives with his work. Elisse, on the other hand, spearheaded Project Kaluguran with her friends which aims to bridge the gap of education and poverty by teaching basic lessons to street children and Aeta communities. Their inspiring stories touched many hearts, and the noontime show wanted to share with the world.

Christmas is also a famous time for watching Metro Manila Film Festival entries, which families consider as a bonding experience. In 2018, Vice Ganda starred in the MMFF entry “Fantastica” and the It’s Showtime family wished him congratulations for his work. Fans and fellow celebrities alike knew how much joy the movie would bring to Filipinos everywhere, so they imparted their special messages of appreciation to Vice Ganda.

Likewise, Vice Ganda also appreciated the lovely messages and support. To give back to them all, he unleashed an unkabogable Christmas x Fantastica performance!

Wanting to give more and more back to the madlang people every year, in 2019, they gave away cash prizes after successfully spelling out a certain word. Regardless if they were adults or kids, the madlang winners rejoiced as they received huge cash prizes from the It’s Showtime family.

They also offered gifts and cheer to people outside the studio, as seen on their 2019 Christmas performance. This was, of course, matched by a festive song and dance.

The 2020 Christmas celebration was also memorable, despite the challenges brought on by the year. All together, we reminisced and talked about the sounds we love hearing during the yuletide season. Karylle is overjoyed when she hears the sweet music of caroling, while Kim’s heart swells when she hears the laughter of her family during a family dinner or reunion. Tyang Amy, on the other hand, made us all relate when she said she missed the jingling sound of the instruments tansan and tambol

Further moving our hearts, the It’s Showtime family read out loud their personal and touching Christmas letters to the madlang people. Each one gave us all the feels as they imparted their messages of appreciation and love for their fellow Kapamilyas.

Every Christmas is made more merry and bright with the It’s Showtime family!