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Magpasikat 2023: Team Vice-Jackie-Cianne brings us to their journeys in chasing their dreams via unkabogable, moving production

It was indeed another emotional and exhilarating afternoon for everyone who got to watch the spectacular and heartwarming number of Team Vice-Jackie-Cianne for the fourth day of Magpasikat 2023 on the November 9 episode of It’s Showtime.

For the umpteenth time, Vice Ganda is able to prove that she is not hailed the “Unkabogable Star” for nothing as she once again delivers another extraordinary and ostentatious production for the program’s “1-4 Ever” 14th-anniversary fete this year.

The gorgeous and talented trio indeed brought us to an out-of-this-world experience through their futuristic set design and costumes as they gave us a creative and dramatic depictions of their respective journeys in chasing their dreams and going on different paths as life goes on.

Vice Ganda who immediately opens their unkabogable number as she sings Coldplay’s “Head Full Of Dreams” while standing on a platform suspended mid-air. She is clad in a robotic costume, which automatically detaches itself from her body as soon as she reaches the stage.

Magpasikat 2023

Shen then uttered a monologue, in which she declares, “I am dreams. I am the descendant of the future and the ancestor of victory. I am the mother of goals and ambitions. I teach my children to imagine and aspire, to believe and to reach. But most of all, I bestow upon them the power to choose and to fulfill. I dare them to dream greatly. I dare them to fail greatly. I dare to face disgrace, to feel, deal, and heal the scars of their unfulfilled dreams. And tomorrow dare them to reimagine and dream again.”

A montage of mothers encouraging and supporting their children as they pursue their ambitions in life is shown, which leads to Jackie Gonzaga’s solo exhibition. Dressed in an all-white ensemble, she mesmerizes us with a sultry dance while inside a bath tub filled with water and a group of dancers clad in black bodysuits beleaguer her as she tries to escape from them. Jackie manages to attach herself to a harness that pulls her up to the ceiling of the studio where she performs her aerial dance twice, which brings astonishment to the spectators.

Magpasikat 2023

Next is Cianne Dominguez, who’s able to show off her singing chops during her solo number. She impresses with her rendition of Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” while clothed in voluminous red gown. She is then lifted mid-air via harness, along with the dancers in white dresses hanging by a gigantic dreamcatcher attached to the ceiling.

The Unkabogable Star is seen standing inside a massive virtual reality box on the stage in a different costume, wherein she goes back in time as she chronicles her journey in chasing her old ambition and eventually finding herself taking on a different path and becoming successful in it.

We watch her do whatever she can in order to attain her mom’s dream for her and the same achievement that they have, which is to finish college, as represented by the objects flashed on the LED screens around her. She may have encountered a lot of setbacks and struggles along the way, but she’s able to unshackle herself from the chains that stopped her from becoming what she really wants in life. She may have failed to reach her initial ambition of becoming a lawyer, but she finds herself being successful in the field of entertainment.

The three of them returns to stage one-by-one in different costumes as they imagine themselves entering a portal where they’re able to meet their younger selves brought back to life through their childhood snaps shown on separate screens. First off is Jackie, imparting how she and her parents used to dream for her to become a flight attendant and fly to different places in the world for free. However, she chooses to pursue her passion in dancing, which still makes it possible for her to take flight. Her mom suddenly emerges onstage and reassures her that their family is still proud of her because she sees how happy she is at present.

Magpasikat 2023

Next is Cianne, who tells her younger self to be patient as she still strives to make their dream of becoming a beauty queen come true. They may still be far, but she takes pride in the fact that they’ve already gone quite far in life. Her mom also appears, motivating her that the right time will definitely come for her to achieve it.

Magpasikat 2023

Lastly is Vice, who expresses how much she misses “Tutuy” and apologizes to him for not being able to accomplish their and their family’s ambition for them. She also thanks him for understanding and forgiving her, and vows to make more dreams come true for themselves, their family, and other people. Nanay Rosario came to tell her that it’s okay if she is not able to attain her dreams for her as she remains proud of her for all the successes that she’s reaping in her chosen path. After all, she’s still their family’s pride and joy.

Magpasikat 2023

Team Vice-Jackie-Cianne’s presentation caps off with the entire ensemble, including their younger selves, performing the The Greatest Showman OST “A Million Dreams”, as well as with the surprise appearance of their former co-hosts Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia with their unico hijo Amari.

Magpasikat 2023

As always, Vice indeed did a great job in offering another astounding pasabog, which she usually does in every production number that she does. But we can all agree that she deserves to be commended for being able to unleash the best selves of Jackie and Cianne as they’re able to impress us with their dancing and singing talents, respectively, but also with raw dramatic prowess. Besides, the set design was so impeccable, while the high-tech equipment they utilized were beyond awesome.

The stellar all-in-one production was visually enticing, emotionally stirring, and incredibly thought-provoking, as we see ourselves pondering about our own journeys as we watch them chronicle theirs in their creative and dramatic ways. Going through the tweets of madlang netizens pertaining to the performance, many said that it really hit home and was so heartfelt as many of us certainly have dreams that we have to give up or set aside due to various circumstances, then see ourselves taking on different paths.

This Magpasikat 2023 entry encourages us to do not stop dreaming and moving forward towards the life that we have envisioned for ourselves despite challenges, and make our inner child, past dreams, mistakes and failures, and traumas as our inspirations.

Here are some of the comments from madlang netizens that we’re able to read from X (formerly Twitter):

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