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MAGPASIKAT 2023: Pinoy comedy legends were reborn in Team Jugs-Teddy-Vhong’s AI-powered heartwarming production

The first day of the Magpasikat week for the “1-4 EVER” 14th-anniversary celebration of It’s Showtime on Monday, November 6, was indeed filled with nostalgia and emotions as the team of Jugs Jugueta, Teddy Corpuz, and Vhong Navarro brought back to life some of the sorely missed Pinoy legendary comedians through their super entertaining and heartwarming performance powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

This production marks the first-ever team-up of Vhong with the dynamic duo of Teddy and Jugs, whose tandem is also the winningest among the hosts in the past 14 years, as well as his comeback to Magpasikat after missing it last year.

Their entry commenced with an amusing OBB in black and white, which gave us hints on what their presentation would be about. It featured the noontime program’s floor director Ervin “Dumbo” Plaza cladded in a white chiton while munching a fried chicken, and the three of them immediately exuded their hilarious sides. They wittily rated it “LB” or low budget.

The A-Team dancers in colorful outfits opened the spectacle, with the funny trio singing an original composition while doing a few slapsticks onstage. In their opening spiels, they divulged that their little program is dedicated to Pinoy comedy legends that we all loved over the years, even after their deaths.

It was Teddy who first took the stage for their solo performances, depicting Redford White. He nailed his impression of the late comedian by wearing a blond wig, striped polo shirt, maong pants, and sneakers – which was the signature look of the late comedian, as well as singing and dancing to the official soundtrack of the 1992 flick “Buddy en Sol” and recreating his scenes from other films he starred in.

Magpasikat 2023

Jugs then took centerstage as Babalu, performing the OST of “Oki Doki Doc” (1993-2000), while dressed like the comedian’s well-loved character Don Robert Makunatan in the said long-running ABS-CBN sitcom.

Magpasikat 2023

Vhong, afterwards, showed off his dancing chops as he grooved to the OST of another classic Kapamilya sitcom, “Home Along Da Riles,” which was top-billed by none other than “Comedy King” Dolphy.

Magpasikat 2023

Everyone, including their co-hosts, was indeed dumbfounded when the trio announced that their presentation was already over because it was really ‘bitin.’ As the madlang studio audience and the hosts yelled “we want more,” Jugs, Teddy, and Vhong heeded the demands.

Magpasikat 2023

Little did everyone know that it was just the first part of their heartwarming and amusing tribute to Pinoy comedy legends, as they opened the second part with the “instant replay” of their solo performances – with the exact faces of the aforementioned late comedians seamlessly plastered onto their faces through the use of an artificial intelligence (AI) filter – much to the astonishment and delight of the spectators.

Cladded in identical white suits, the trio’s impersonation of Redford White, Dolphy, and Babalu continued as they bantered with one another while still in character. They offered another original composition in the voice of these icons, while the photos of other Pinoy comedy legends were flashed on the screen.

The roster included Apeng Daldal, Ben Tisoy, Bentong, Bernardo Bernardo, Cachupoy, Carding, Chichay, Chokoleit, Dely Atay-Atayan, Don Pepot, Elizabeth Ramsey, Gary Lising, Ike Lozada, Joy Viado, Mang Tomas, Palito, Panchito, Pipoy, Porkchop Duo, Richie D’ Horsie, Sammy Lagmay, Soxie Tapacio, Subas Herrero, Tado, Tintoy, Noel “Ungga” Ayala, and Zorayda Sanchez.

After the video presentation, they then brought back to life Bert “Tawa” Marcelo, Myrna “Tia Pusit” Villanueva, Willie Nepomuceno, German “Kuya Germs” Moreno through Jugs; Mely “Miss Tapia” Tagasa, Joseph “Blakdyak” Formaran, Augusto “Chiquito” Pangan through Vhong; and Dencio Padilla, Yoyoy Villame, and Rene Requiestas through Teddy.

Nova Villa made a surprise appearance by exclaiming “Kevin!” much to the astonishment of everyone. It can be recalled that Nova and Dolphy starred in “Home Along Da Riles,” wherein she played the role of Azon, the onscreen partner of the Comedy King, which played lead character Kevin. It was totally touching, as it was the reunion that we didn’t know would happen again.

Magpasikat 2023

The production capped off with Vhong making a little shout-out on Zsa Zsa Padilla, Dolphy’s last partner prior to his demise, just like how the Comedy King used to do whenever he had TV appearances.

Team Jugs-Teddy-Vhong only proved that even though their budget wasn’t as big as the other teams, it was still possible to pull off a totally entertaining and heartwarming, not to mention innovative, number just like what they did in this year’s Magpasikat.

Vhong’s penchant for production powered by advanced technology and unmistakable flair for drama jelled up with Jugs and Teddy’s keenness in coming up with fresh and out-of-the-box composing and in composing songs, making it possible for them to deliver a beyond-delighting performance. They were also successful in carrying out their goal of amusing and moving the spectators, as well as in conveying the message of not forgetting the people who once lit up our lives through the laughter and memories they brought to us.

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