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Look back on the spectacular, awe-inspiring Magpasikat performances through the years!

Ever since It’s Showtime started its annual Magpasikat tradition to celebrate its anniversary, it has arguably been the most anticipated event of madlang people as it enables the hosts to further showcase their other facets or talents that we do not usually see in their daily hosting stints.

And as we anticipate the “Labindala-WOAH” festivity this coming November 27 for its 12th anniversary celebration, let’s look back on the unforgettable stagings of the special extravaganza in the previous years via this feature!

Magpasikat 2010

To celebrate its first-ever anniversary in 2010, the It’s Showtime fam turned into rivals as they got divided into five groups -- Team Jugs Jugueta and Teddy Corpuz, Team Kuya Kim Atienza, Team Anne Curtis, Team Vhong Navarro, and Team Vice Ganda.

As certified rockistas, Jugs of Itchyworms and Teddy of Rocksteddy decided to rock the stage with their fellow popular band vocalists and singers like Yeng Constantino, Tutti Caringal of 6Cyclemind, Marc Abaya of Kjwan, and Kean Cipriano of Callalily.

Kuya Kim showed off his rapping chops through his live performance of Francis Magalona’s “Mga Kababayan Ko” with actress Alessandra de Rossi, rapper Gloc-9, and Antipolo Kid Rappers. Anne also amused everyone when she belted out Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love The Way  You Lie,” and with her duets with renowned singers Led Sobrepeña III, Bugoy Drilon, and Robert Seña.

Vhong had an exhilarating dance showdown with his friends Archie Alemania and Jhong Hilario, as well as talented child stars Izzy Canillo and Bugoy Cariño while Vice Ganda had a beauty pageant-inspired performance with former beauty queens Miss International 2005 Precious Lara Quigaman and Miss Universe 1999 1st runner up Miriam Quiambao, which concluded with his rendition of Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful.”

It was Jugs and Teddy’s team who captured the heart of the hurados in the end.


Magpasikat 2011

The following year, Anne dominated the 2011 Magpasikat with her skills in pole dancing and aerial silk dance and even sang Adele’s “Someone Like You” while hanging upside-down and Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” while Jed Madela was holding her microphone. 

Newest additions Billy Crawford and Karylle also didn’t let themselves be left behind as they were able to impress the spectators with their respective presentations. Billy combined magic and dancing and surprised us with the unexpected appearance of his discoverer and illustrious host-slash-star builder, the Master Showman German Moreno onstage. Meanwhile, Karylle proved her versatility as a performer by showing off her disc jockeying, hip hop dance, and percussion playing in her 3-in-1 production number.

From rocking the stage last year, Jugs and Teddy went on to treat us to a futuristic-themed production number that made use of various spectacular elements and effects. Kuya Kim, on the other hand, delivered his unique mash-up rendition of The Beatles’ “Yesterday”, The Sound of Music’s “Do-Re-Mi”, and APO Hiking Society’s hit song “Do Bidoo” with two of its members, Jim Paredes and Buboy Garovillo.

Vice Ganda, meanwhile, entertained the audiences with a “No Other Woman”-inspired skit with his two friend comedians, Pooh and Chokoleit, and hunk actor Derek Ramsay, as well as an interpretative dance of “Now That You’re Gone” while doing several quick costume changes.


Magpasikat 2012

As the It’s Showtime family continues to grow, it was not only the 2-in-1 tandem of Jugs and Teddy that spearheaded a team in Magpasikat 2012, but the other hosts as well.

Their dynamic duo clinched their second victory when they created a parody of PSY’s “Gangnam Style” that they titled “Epal Ang ‘Yong Style” that not only made the studio audiences and other hosts dance, but amused as well when they recreated the music video with then-child star Bugoy Cariño and actress Cristine Reyes as guests.

Billy and Vhong teamed up for an extremely futuristic production, wherein they showed off their incomparable skills in dancing while performing an innovative dance with lights. Anne and Karylle, on the other hand, astounded the audience with their spectacular and heart-stopping circus performance that represented the four elements of nature, namely, land, fire, air, and water.

Former hosts Coleen Garcia and Eric “Eruption” Tai, presented the various dances of New Zealand, India, Africa, and Philippines, together with Baby Joy Rendon and their guests comedian Jon Santos, model Andy Smith, and dancer Gab Valenciano. Hoping that they’ll win that time, Kuya Kim and Ryan, meanwhile entertained the madlang people with a funny parody of co-host Anne’s winning Magpasikat performance in the previous year, wherein Ryan did pole and aerial silk dancing as Kuya Kim took on the role of Jed Madela as the microphone holder, and Angeline Quinto joined them by belting out “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing”.


Magpasikat 2013

Jugs and Teddy once again took home the bacon after their astonishing, one-of-a-kind production number with Karylle defeated the other teams in Magpasikat 2013. Who would forget when they sang a song in gibberish and made a mess on stage that left the audience and judges puzzled. However, when the video of their performance was played in reverse, everyone realized that they actually performed the theme song of It’s Showtime.

Anne and Jhong astounded us when they switched genders in an unforgettable dance number, wherein she performed as a man while he danced as a woman then eventually returned to their original outfits as the lovers in their story. The unlikely pair of Eruption and Ryan, meanwhile, presented a UFC-inspired musical dance performance, which enabled Eruption to show his skills in playing the piano while Ryan danced ballet.

Vhong and Billy played with our eyes anew through their futuristic dance production number, but this time with Coleen; while Vice had to perform death-defying acrobatic stunts solo as his teammate Kuya Kim Atienza had to take his rest after getting hospitalized.


Magpasikat 2014

The brilliant partnership of Jugs and Teddy was able to continue their winning streak when they won Magpasikat 2014 through the mini game show called "Whatchamacall8" that they created with teammate Billy Crawford. It may be amusing, confusing, and unconventional, but the madlang people truly enjoyed it, with one audience member being able to take home 90,000 pesos.

Kuya Kim Atienza and Karylle astounded the audience and judges with a fun and educational performance, wherein they incorporated a medley of hit songs with eco-friendly and do-it-yourself science experiments in their production number, and had Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao perform with them. Anne and Coleen, on the other hand, showcased their musical prowesses through beat-boxing and playing musical instruments, and at the same time, performed death-defying aerial acrobatic stunts.

Meanwhile, Vice and Ryan touched their hearts with an original song about equality, which was composed with the help of Gerard Salonga and with The ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra providing the harmonious melody. Vhong and Jhong also moved us with a friendship-themed number, wherein they reminisced how their bond has grown through the years through painting and contemporary dance.


Magpasikat 2015

For the fifth time, Jugs and Teddy were proclaimed grand champions for Magpasikat 2015 as they delivered a mind–boggling performance that utilized several optical illusions that we’ve probably not seen on any live program while singing their original composition with their teammate for that year, Vice Ganda.

Karylle and Jhong performed an emotional all-original musical skit about the inspiring story of two siblings who got separated when they were still young; while Billy and Coleen made everyone kilig by recounted their love story through intimate and daring dance number, abstract art, and pre-recorded voice-overs of the two reading a poem about love.

Vhong and Ryan did an innovative dance and comic act that everyone truly enjoyed; while the trio of Anne, Eruption, and Kuya Kim did an impressive performance that talked about the environment, wherein Anne and Eruption became ninja warriors trying to defeat Khu-Lim-Lim, played by Kuya Kim, who shaved his head live television to impart a message about climate change.


Magpasikat 2016

With their “buwis-buhay” and hair-raising number, Team Anne brought home the trophy for Magpasikat 2016. Her teammates Amy Perez and Joey Marquez, together with Hashtags Paulo Angeles and Ryle Santiago, and GirlTrends Miho Nishida and Maika Rivera,  anti-gravity aerial dance number. The highlight of their performance, however, was Anne performing a heart-stopping dance routine with GirlTrends Dawn Chang and Krissha Viaje while hanging outside the ELJ Communications Center Tower.

The team of Vhong and Jhong, which was also comprised of Hashtags members Nikko Natividad, Jon Lucas, and Luke Conde, and GirlTrends members Jessica Marasigan, Leyana Magat, and Riva Quenery, placed second with their unconventional performance that combined mixed martial arts and state-of-the-art visual effects. Third placers Jugs, Teddy, and Karylle, on the other hand, spread good vibes when they performed an electronic Pinoy music festival-inspired number, alongside their teammates Hashtags Ronnie Alonte and Jameson Blake, and GirlTrends Mikee Agustin, Sammie Rimando, Devon Seron, and Kelley Day.

Billy and Ryan’s team performed a jam-packed presentation that started with a comedy skit and the special appearance of Piolo Pascual, and ended with an explosive dance number from Billy, along with the other members of their team, namely Hashtags McCoy de Leon and Jimboy Martin, and GirlTrends Barbie Imperial, Erin Ocampo, Kamille Filoteo, and Joana Hipolito. 

The team of Vice Ganda and Kuya Kim had a short but very heartfelt performance that tackled gender equality and acceptance, wherein child actor Izzy Canillo played the role of a young gay kid, while Kuya Kim was the father. The other members of the team were Hashtags Tom Doromal and Zeus Collins, and GirlTrends Nikki Gonzales, Jane de Leon, Mica Javier, and Chienna Filomeno.


Magpasikat 2017

Vhong clinched his first-ever victory when he put a creative twist on the term “one-man show” as he performed a powerful dance routine and mirror illusion act built around the themes of isolation and loneliness for It’s Showtime’s Magpasikat Week in 2017, along with Hashtags and GirlTrends dressed up like him with the help of prosthetics, mimicking a mirror’s reflection.

They may have only placed second, but the team of Vice, Jugs, and Teddy was still truly a winner after Vice and Jugs were successful in helping Teddy make his dream come true to finally marry his wife Jasmine on live television! Meanwhile, third placers Karylle and Jhong amused us with an “ewww-some” live musical about an unconventional love story between a cockroach played by Jhong and a caterpillar-turned-butterfly portrayed by Karylle.

The team of Anne, Ryan, and Nadine Lustre spread good vibes as they invited the madlang people to join their “love parade” in a highly synchronized and colorful performance captured live in one continuous shot, which was also accompanied by an all-original song “Join the Love Parade” that featured original rap parts of Hashtag Jimboy Martin and Ryan.

Billy’s team, which included Amy, James Reid, and several Hashtags and Girltrends members indeed amazed everyone with their spectacular magical performance, which consisted of sudden changes in Amy’s costumes, James’ escape from a huge container filled with water, and Billy teleporting his whole team in a few waves of his wand.


Magpasikat 2018

Team Karylle and Jhong dominated Magpasikat 2018 with a musical, the sequel to their “ewww-some” performance last year that tells the story of a cockroach and a caterpillar tackling self-acceptance and gender equality.

The tandem of Anne and Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla showcased a death-defying aerial show, cleverly dubbed as “The Greatest Show Ma-Anne”, as it transformed the stage into a mini circus and impressed viewers with their heart-stopping routine. Team Vhong and Ryan performed a dazzling lights spectacle injected with a touching narrative that tackles the issue of bullying, while Vice Ganda and Amy's group astonished us with their colorful stage performance that pertains to the power of dreams. Team Jugs and Teddy also veered on a dramatic presentation that showed a heart-warming father-son story.


Magpasikat 2019

For their 10th anniversary in 2019, the It’ Showtime hosts made sure to deliver spectacular production numbers that would not simply entertain us, but would also imprint valuable lessons to the madlang people. It was Vice Ganda’s magnificent narration of his inspirational “hair story,” which aimed to share his foremost advocacy of supporting people who have alopecia areata and of imparting self-love towards everyone who have the said condition or are struggling in embracing their true selves.

We were brought to the future with the astonishing and heart-fluttering production number of second placers Vhong Navarro and Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, who were joined by the Hashtags. It showcased truly remarkable futuristic exhibitions that signified how technology had tremendously improved 30 years from now that enabled them to provide a post-modern way to spread happiness to the madlang people through “mandroids”, or humanoid robots, which sole mission is to kiss away our boredom at a very affordable price.

Third placers Anne and Tyang Amy prove that girls really run the world through their shocking ‘buwis-buhay’ performances in bringing everyone back to the 10 successful yet challenging years of the program. The four separate montages showed various achievements and success of the show, as well as their most unforgettable moments together as a family on It’s Showtime.

The trio of Jugs, Teddy, and Jhong had a ‘blast-from-the-past’ as they showcased the 80s era as seen in the concept, costumes, props, and acts they incorporated in it, while they brought back some of the most memorable moments that the It’s Showtime family had shared on the show through the years. What’s unique about their ‘pasabog’ performance were the 3D glasses that they asked the audiences to wear in order for them to see the group’s another fantastic surprise.

Karylle and our very own ‘oppa’ Ryan were able to produce a terrific and telling musical performance in their team-up, which was made more astounding by the participation of the Tawag ng Tanghalan singers. It was also a future-themed production, which consisted of music genres varying from theatrical to rap to ballad to pop and K-drama inspired skits.


Magpasikat 2020

The 11th anniversary celebration of It’s Showtime was definitely one for the books as the show’s hosts did a very good job in preparing and executing their spectacular performances despite the limited conditions brought by the situation. Besides, it’s also the first time when all of the teams were declared winners.

Karylle, Jhong, and Kuya Escort Ion Perez’s production number showed how strong and resourceful Filipinos are when faced with challenges and problems in life. It showed how our livelihoods were affected because of the pandemic, yet they chose to look for other ways to continue working despite the terrible situation they’re in.

Then Team Jugs-Teddy-Ryan imparted to us a very moving message that even though this pandemic has caused live performances to temporarily halt, music will never stop. Team Vhong-Tyang Amy-Jackie, meanwhile, featured in their awe-inspiring skit our Filipino teachers who were passionate about their craft and didn’t give up despite the challenging times.

Lastly, Team Vice-Kim relayed a very relevant message to everyone about grieving and depression. Vice Ganda performed various songs, namely “In the End” by Linkin’ Park, “Frozen” by Madonna, “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” by Kylie Minogue, and “Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga, while Kim did an interpretative dance.

Are you excited as us to see the sure-fire performances of each team this forthcoming Magpasikat 2021? Well, you better not miss it by watching It’s Showtime this Saturday, November 27 on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11!