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Kilig, heartwarming wedding proposals we witnessed on It’s Showtime

In the past thirteen years of It’s Showtime, we’ve surely seen a lot of hilarious kulitan and harutan moments of the gregarious hosts among themselves, and with the guests, contestants, segment judges, and madlang people.

But, at the same time, we have also witnessed heartwarming moments, such as kilig and poignant wedding proposals that truly got us surprised and believe in happily ever after.. Just like what happened in the recent episode of Tawag ng Tanghalan, wherein daily contender Ralph Merced proposed to his beloved girlfriend Noreen after his winning performance.

When host Vice Ganda invited her to join them onstage, Ralph expressed his special message for her, saying, “Alam mo namang mahal na mahal kita, ‘di ba? Ayaw kitang mawala sa buhay ko. Ikaw ‘yong bumuo sa akin noong walang-wala ako, noong wasak na wasak ako. Dumating ka sa buhay ko…Binago mo ang buhay ko.” He then pulled out a ring and popped the question “will you marry me?,” to which she tearfully replied: “yes.” That moving moment indeed filled the studio with kilig.

However, it’s not the first time that we witnessed a sweet and heartwarming marriage proposal on live television, as we’ve already seen several on It’s Showtime over the years. Let’s reminisce about those lovely engagements in this feature.

In August 2020, hosts Vhong Navarro and Vice Ganda got shocked when the foreigner boyfriend of TNT contestant Kristel Herrera, who was based overseas at that time, suddenly popped the question and showed the ring in the midst of their virtual banter. Kristel wasn’t able to hold back her tears out of utter kilig due to Joshua’s fantastic surprise, yet she’s still able to muster her sweet “yes.”

The following year, the Reina ng Tahanan judges and hosts weren’t able to contain their emotions when the partner of contestant Claris Valladores, Rey Dapadap, asked for her hand in front of everyone during their heart-rending conversation onstage. It was indeed the fulfillment of Reinanay Claris’ longtime dream for them to get married after 13 years of being together, which she actually thought of doing herself a few years ago because she really wanted to be with him for the rest of their lives.

Just when she thought that it was just an ordinary day for her, TNT Semifinalist Rica Mae Maer got the greatest surprise of her life when she didn’t get to perform on the It’s Showtime stage, but she also got engaged with her boyfriend Jason. Unbeknown to her, the program invited him to help him carry out his plan of proposing to her. So, she was really surprised when he suddenly appeared onstage with a bouquet of flowers and eventually popped the question.

Last, but not the least, was the simple yet sweet proposal of a member of Manda Rhyme, the first-ever grand champion of the HypeBest contest, to his longtime girlfriend, who’s also part of group. He started off by chronicling how their relationship started and how the noontime show became an instrument in making their relationship stronger. As he promised that she’s the last woman he would ever loved as he expressed his yearning to marry her.

Were you able to witness these kilig marriage proposals on It’s Showtime, Kapamilya?