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KSnaps Vice Ganda Bonding With Family

Over the years, Vice Ganda has been a significant part of our television-viewing habit as she hosted three of the most popular, long-running, and top-rating programs of ABS-CBN, namely, Gandang Gabi Vice (2011-2020), Everybody, Sing! (2021-2024), and It’s Showtime (2009-present), through which she’s able to deliver loads of good vibes and laughter to the viewers. And that transcended to her foray into the silver screen as she starred in a slew of comedy flicks that were all blockbuster hits. 

Being in front of the camera and making millions of Filipinos happy may be a rewarding job, but we cannot discount the fact that it can be exhausting, too. Thankfully, she has a wellspring of unlimited inspiration and strength, among which is her beloved family.

And as she celebrates her 48th birthday on March 31, let us take a look at some of the precious moments she has spent and the beautiful memories she has formed with her ‘unkabogable’ Viceral fam in this special edition of Kapamilya Snap!

She may be known as Vice Ganda or be called the “Asia’s Phenomenal Unkabogable Star,” who never fails to amuse us as a talented host, comedian, actor, and performer, but she will always be the one and only “Tutoy” for her family. 

Despite her hectic schedule, she tries her best to bond with her family whenever possible. And we’re able to see it in some of her posts on Instagram and even in the vlogs that she uploads on her YouTube channel.

They may have taken on different paths and live in different houses, but they make sure that all of them are present when they celebrate special occasions, with Christmas Eve seemingly being their favorite as they’re usually during this time of the year in recent years.

The Vicerals also enjoy traveling around the world together, with the USA and South Korea as some of their previous destinations. They also made sure to take a group photo in front of The Holy Door of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City when they visited in 2016.

In 2018, Vice fulfilled the ultimate wish of their Nanay Rosario to travel to Spain to personally see its incredible architecture and breathtaking natural landscapes, particularly its most famous landmark – the Sagrada Familia.

She posted a beautiful photo of them together taken in front of the structure on Instagram and captioned it, “Last year she said she wished to go to Barcelona to be able to see the Sagrada Familia. My profession deprives me of quality time with my family. So when given the chance i make sure every moment counts and everything creates a wonderful memory. Before this year ends i brought her to where she wished to be.”

Then she added, “...For me this is a bigger achievement. My biggest so far. To be able to grant my Nanay’s wishes as she gets older is big deal for me. Vice Ganda is accomplished. Tutoy is successful. This is how i end my 2018.”

Many may claim that they are Vice’s number one fan, but there will always be an “unkabogable” one for her – and that’s her Nanay Rosario, whom she regards as “My Mother. My Heart. My Soul.” Thus, whenever he has free time, she will swing by her house to pay her a visit and spend some time with her, which she sometimes shares with us in her vlogs. That house is her gift not just to Nanay Rosario, but to her siblings and niblings, too.

She may always poke fun at her, but she’s also the one who has the sweetest and heartwarming words for her. As she welcomed 2017, he posted a photo of them taken during their trip to Paris, France on IG and captioned it, “Kahit ang buong mundo ay di ko na mapatawa mapangiti lang kita sapat na. Kahit na bitawan ako ng mundo basta hawak lang kita sapat na. Pandirihan man ako ng mundo yakapin mo lang ako sapat na.”

Aside from taking her to picturesque places and buying her a grandiose house, their family also makes sure that Nanay Rosario’s birthday celebrations will always be special, such as when she turned 78th last year, which they celebrated through a beach party in Sorsogon. 

Seeing this side of Vice in her genuinely happy and laidback state that we don’t often see on camera is absolutely heartwarming and delightful. 

Dasurv na dasurv ang happiness and blessings, Meme! Happy birthday!

*Photos credit to Vice Ganda and Camille Viceral IG