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It’s Showtime family’s world-class, exhilarating Magpasikat 2019 performances

It’s Showtime fans, brace yourselves as we approach the much-awaited anniversary celebration of our favorite noontime show this year! And for those who have been fervently watching it in the past decade, we all know that this indicates that we are once again bound to witness the astonishing and captivating numbers by our beloved hosts!

Even though we’re in the midst of pandemic and other terrible circumstances, nothing could stop the ever-gregarious family from celebrating their eleventh year as host Vice Ganda recently mentioned that Magpasikat 2020 is actually about to happen this coming Saturday, October 31!

For sure, it’s going to be extra exciting than the previous Magpasikat stagings since we’re looking forward on how each team are going to pull off their fantastic and mind-blowing production numbers despite the restrictions and safety precautions they have to observe. And while waiting for Saturday, let us first take you on a trip down memory lane as we bring back last year’s breathtaking Magpasikat performances!

Team Vice Ganda

The Unkabogable Star received high praises and applauses from netizens and viewers for his empowering and awe-inspiring performance that proclaimed him the 2019 Magpasikat grand champion and bestowed him the whopping one million pesos cash prize that he donated to his chosen charity, Alopecia Philippines.

PHOTOS: Team Vice’s showstopping performance that moved everyone to tears

It showcased his inspirational “hair story,” which aimed to share his foremost advocacy of supporting people who have alopecia areata and of imparting self-love towards everyone who have the said condition or are struggling in embracing their true selves. Aside from Vice Ganda, the visually captivating performance also featured Miss Q & A queens and veteran actress Dawn Zulueta, who further brightened up the grandiose production comprised of aerial stunts, visual effects, and the special participation of alopecia patients.

Team Vhong-Mariel 

We were brought to the future with the astonishing and heart-fluttering production number of second placers Vhong Navarro and Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, who were joined by the Hashtags. They brought us to a bizarre and out-of-this world adventure, specifically to an era which was situated 30 years from now.

PHOTOS: See Team Vhong-Mariel’s inspiring out of this world number on Magpasikat 2019

It showcased truly remarkable futuristic exhibitions that signified how technology had tremendously improved 30 years from now that enabled them to provide post-modern way to spread happiness to the madlang people through “mandroids”, or humanoid robots, which sole mission is to kiss away our boredom at a very affordable price.

And even though Mariel wasn’t physically present during their performance, she still played a significant role as the leader of the “mandroids” who introduced Mandroid VN-01, the character played by their group leader Vhong. Another memorable part of the production number was when Vhong transformed into human who tried to entertain his It’s Showtime family, who were imagined to be in their senior years that time.

Team Jugs-Teddy-Jhong

We were definitely touched and entertained by the heartwarming and amazing performance of Jugs Jugueta, Teddy Corpuz, and Jhong Hilario. Contrary to Team Vhong and Mariel’s theme, the trio had a ‘blast-from-the-past’ as they showcased the 80s era through the concept, costumes, props, and acts they incorporated in it, while they brought back some of the most memorable moments that their It’s Showtime family had shared on the show through the years.

PHOTOS: Team Jhong, Jugs & Teddy’s pasabog throwback performance with a twist

What’s unique about their ‘pasabog’ performance were the 3D glasses that they asked the audiences to wear in order for them to see the group’s another fantastic surprise. If you have really followed Magpasikat ever since it started a decade ago, then you’re aware that the tandem of Jugs and Teddy has the greatest number of victorious as they reigned as champions for quintuple times already. Unique is really an understatement for the kind of production numbers they showcased.

Team Karylle-Ryan

The joining of forces of host-musician Karylle and our very own ‘oppa’ Ryan Bang were able to produce a terrific and telling musical performance which was made more astounding by the participation of the Tawag ng Tanghalan singers. It was also a future-themed production, which consisted of music genres varying from theatrical to rap to ballad to pop.

PHOTOS: See the splendid musical performance of Team Karylle-Ryan for Magpasikat 2019

Through a short K-drama-inspired video, the story of the performance revolved around Ryan who was “friend-zoned” by his celebrity crushes and experienced being broken-hearted numerous times. It also showed how the character of Ryan yearned to be with his dad again. There was also a short skit presented by Ryan and Karylle where they talked about their love-hate relationship as friends.  

Team Anne-Tyang Amy

Girls really run the world as third placers Anne Curtis and Tyang Amy Perez shocked everyone with their ‘buwis-buhay’ performances in bringing everyone back to the 10 successful yet challenging years of the program. The four separate montages showed various achievements and success of the show, as well as their most unforgettable moments together as a family on It’s Showtime.

PHOTOS: Team Anne & Tyang Amy performs shocking stunts on Magpasikat 2019

As Tyang Amy fascinated us in her glittery brown body suit, we’re more astonished when she unleashed her acrobatic skills which involved a difficult headstand. Meanwhile, Anne, who unbeknownst to us was already pregnant then, just left us in awe as well when she did the death-defying German Rhonrad wheel acrobatics alongside Bidaman grand winner Jin Macapagal and a professional Australian gymnast.

Are you excited as us to see the sure-fire performances of Team Vhong-Tyang Amy-Jackie, Team Jugs-Teddy-Ryan, Team Jhong-Karylle-Ion, and Team Vice Ganda-Kim Chiu this forthcoming Magpasikat 2020? Well, you better stay tuned to It’s Showtime, Mondays to Saturdays on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z!