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It’s Showtime family shares revelations, realizations during community quarantine

It’s already been more than a month since the last time we saw the gregarious family of It’s Showtime on television. And now, we’re about to see them banter with one another and provide laughter and good vibes to the madlang people anew not just via Zoom, but live in the studio this coming June 13, Saturday!

Days before the re-launch of the long-running noontime program, a two-day online press gathering was held on June 9 and 10 dubbed “Showtime Magkaisayahan”. Here, some of the hosts were able to respond to some of the queries from various vloggers and media people about their stay-at-home experiences during the three-month community quarantine and the things we should expect on their highly anticipated return.

The hosts who were able to join face the interviewers via Zoom were Vhong Navarro and Jhong Hilario on the first day and Karylle, Amy Perez-Castillo, and Ryan Bang on the second day. Vice Ganda was supposed to join Vhong and Jhong, but failed to do so due to the unforeseen death of his best friend, Budi.

Apart from talking about the changes in the segments and the dynamics of the show, the hosts also imparted how the current situation has made them realize a lot about themselves and about life as a whole.

As for Vhong, this pandemic has reminded him the value of work, to regularly check on his loved ones living far away from him, to pray harder, and to be a blessing to other people. Those who are following him on Instagram are probably aware that he joined actress Bea Alonzo and her organization I AM HOPE in their relief operations for our frontliners and underprivileged fellowmen.   

This also gave him the opportunity to spend quality time with his wife and sons and with their dogs as well, since being at home 24/7 made him realize that there’s definitely more to life than work. He also discovered there’s actually a lot of things that he could do than staying in his room as soon as he arrives from work.

The same goes for Jhong, who implied getting more appreciative of the things he currently has, such as his family, girlfriend, and work. He began to value his loved ones even more by showering them with more time and affection, as well as his job because the current challenges we’re facing at present have ingrained to him that it could get lost in just a snap.

Furthermore, this urged the artist-politician, too, to profusely reach out to others, particularly to those who are in dire need and to save up in order to prepare for difficult conditions like this. Besides, he also divulged learning how to cook Filipino dishes such as sinigang and tinola, spending more time with his dogs, and deepening his faith by praying the rosary with his family.

Working in front of the camera for three decades now, working mom Amy opted to look at the brighter side of it by seeing this as a way of spending quality time with her husband Carlo and their kids Kyle and Seyah. She also has become a fulltime homemaker, which she wasn’t able to do in the previous years.

Besides, staying at home round-the-clock also enabled her to enrich her spiritual life by having the luxury of time to open the Bible, have a quiet time with God, and do her devotions, as well as to learn more skills, such as glamming herself up for her work-from-home stints and discovering new ways of cooking her sons’ favorite dishes.

Meanwhile, this pandemic also made Karylle realize that it will always be family to whom we’re going to find solace, especially in times like this. She also revealed that apart from bonding with her husband Yael Yuzon, she also kept herself occupied by doing online gigs and virtual volunteer works for various fundraising events, as well as accomplishing a project titled Holy Rosary Roses for Mary.

Just like her Aunt Amy, the 39-year-old singer proudly shared the new skills she learned, such as operating the camera every time Spongecola has online shows, cleaning their house, trimming the fur of their pet dogs, and even dancing as she attends the dance classes of her friend.

As he lives all by himself throughout this quarantine, Ryan related that this gave him the opportunity to reflect on a lot of things and realize the value of listening to the pieces of advice of the elderly, saving a portion of your hard-earned money, doing things that could help him in saving his resources.

Since he’s been alone, he kept himself busy in improving his proficiency in the Filipino language by watching news and documentaries, creating and uploading new content on his YouTube channel, playing mobile games,  experimenting various ways of preparing noodles, and deepening his relationship with God.

We know how much you missed seeing the happy family of It’s Showtime and being with them during lunchtime. Thus, you better not miss their much-awaited return this coming Saturday, June 13, at 12 noon on the Kapamilya Channel as they’re about to deliver hope and happiness through their absolutely admirable bond and the newest segments they’re about to offer.

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