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Showtime Celebration Vice Ion Wedding

A few days after surprising the world with the announcement of their civil union that happened during their trip to Las Vegas, Nevada last year, newlyweds Vice Ganda and Ion Perez were warmly welcomed by their It’s Showtime family in the Wednesday, February 16 episode.

Showtime Celebration Vice Ion Wedding
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The episode commenced by showing a montage of their love journey, which started off in an episode of Miss Q & A in 2018 and went on to become one of the sweetest things we’ve ever witnessed on the noontime program, on the Unkabogable Star’s YouTube channel, and on social media. The male hosts then emerged onstage grooving to the trending TikTok dance challenge “Paru-paro G,” followed by the ladies sashaying to “Clap Snap.”

Meanwhile, Vice and Ion enthusiastically danced to Brownman Revival’s “Lintik” on their way to the studio where Tawag ng Tanghalan hurado Yeng Constantino was waiting for them to serenade them with her original song “Ikaw”.



Afterwards, the other hosts joined them onstage to personally greet them and, of course, banter with each other like they always do. Since they’ve only shown us a glimpse of this latest milestone in their lives through that vlog, the couple imparted further details about it – from how they used to only talk about it in the past years, up to how they both agreed to finally do it spontaneously during their trip to Las Vegas last year for Vice’s series of live shows, which coincided with their anniversary.



They then divulged for the first time that Ion actually proposed marriage to him on February 21, 2020 which was witnessed by some of his friends. Although he accepted it, Vice told his friends to delete any photo or video they captured from their phones, and even tried with all his might to hide it from anyone including the bosses, as he didn’t want to share it yet to the public in fear of being ridiculed and judged. It was indeed painful for Ion but he endured it for the sake of his beloved “Tutoy” (Vice’s nickname).



The Unkabogable Star then disclosed how they actually dreamt of having a grand ceremony, but the pandemic happened which prohibited huge gatherings. However, both of them were already eager to get married so they did it even without the presence of their families and friends, and with just $5 wedding rings.

And after hiding it for almost four months, they finally decided to share it a day before Valentine’s! They related not expecting the overwhelming support and well-wishes they’ve been receiving ever since the video was published – seemingly relieving everyone’s stress and putting a ceasefire in the scorching debates online with regards to the upcoming elections – which they truly appreciated.

Each of the hosts then delivered their heartfelt messages to the newlyweds, with Jugs, Teddy, and Ion revealing how they planned for Ion’s surprise marriage proposal.



Just when we thought that the celebration was already over, everyone, including the couple, were surprised when Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez stepped on the stage and belted out her classic all-time favorite hit “Ikaw.” Of course, she also didn’t miss the opportunity to personally say her “congratulations” and “best wishes” to Vice and Ion.



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