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Ion Panginig Challenge It’s Showtime

All for the love of fun, Ion Perez dared his “It’s Showtime” family to a game he called the “Panginig Challenge,” as seen in his vlog on YouTube.

In the video, Ion brought out his mini-electric massager, which, when attached to a specific part of the body will create a feeling of an electric shock. The massager would be placed on the player’s arm and they must transfer water from a plastic cup into a pet bottle with a small mouth, that is, if they could resist the tingling and involuntary muscle movements brought about by the massager.

The first player was Fifi, who only got to transfer a few drops. “Mas marami pa ‘yung dura niya,” joked his friends. Lassy took on the challenge next, able to transfer a fair amount despite being so jumpy.

MC thought his left hand would work stronger, but he couldn’t even move it. He quipped that all gossipmongers deserved to be shocked by the tool.

Jan, one of the “It’s Showtime” staff, likewise struggled to pull off the challenge. “Mas marami pa luha mo nung ‘di ka binayaran,” quipped Vice Ganda.

Mac warmed up first, but still no amount of preparation could seem to work. Jay Louise even jerked as soon as Ion attached the equipment. The electricity was so strong that Mel involuntarily crushed the cup.

For the finale, Vice Ganda was so ready to slay the game and even removed her jewelleries thinking the massager would react to metals, but only to end up with funny jerking movements ala zombie. And while she lost the game, she still won a kiss from her husband.

In the end, Lassy emerged as the winner.

Play the video and get your dose hilarity from the “It’s Showtime” fam!