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Ion goes on a mouthwatering food trip with Vice in Bangkok

After providing us with kilig and good vibes during their date with the elephants in an elephant sanctuary in Pattaya, Thailand, which Vice Ganda featured in her latest vlog, her beloved husband and It’s Showtime co-host Ion Perez took his turn sharing with us a glimpse of their anniversary celebration in his own YouTube channel as well.

Ion chose to feature their fun and mouthwatering food crawl during their trip to Thailand last October, wherein they were able to try a variety of scrumptious local food. According to Ion, it’s his first time to set foot there, while Vice last went there before the pandemic with her friends, esteemed Filipino fashion designers Paul Cabral and Anthony Ramirez. She told him how the food there is so delicious, so they would surely eat a lot during that trip.

On their first night, they ate shrimp and prawns for dinner at their hotel. As Ion expressed how his diet would get ruined, Vice reminded him that they are there to enjoy the food and the sights, so he should set aside his diet for the meantime.

For their second dinner, they dined at a restaurant and had a medium khao man gai (or boiled chicken), pork satay, fried chicken chops, and a free soup. They also enjoyed the beverages that they ordered, with Ion wishing to take home a cup of the Thai milk tea he had. Thus, he rated the restaurant with “5 stars”.

Their group then chose to eat at a food market, where they had a totally remarkable gastronomic experience as they feasted on leng saeb (or spicy Thai pork bone soup), moo krob (or Thai-style crispy pork belly), tempura, pad thai (or stir-fried noodles), and khao pad (fried rice), which they all absolutely enjoyed.

And for their last day in Thailand, they had lunch at their hotel, which was comprised of pork, chicken, and vegetable dishes. As soon as they finished, Ion related that he actually told himself that he would only eat steamed food during their Bangkok trip. But that didn’t happen as it was really impossible not to crave on every food they ordered.

Consequently, he amassed 6000 calories when he checked his calorie count, which is equivalent to 6.1 body fats. Thus, he vowed to meet with his fitness coach as soon as they came back home to the Philippines.

In order for him to not add more calories, Ion decided to just have a burger and not have dinner anymore. And since they would arrive at dawn the following day, he planned to immediately hit the road on his bike as soon as they got back home and got his clearance.

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