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Sisterettes Vice &  Anne Hilarious Banters

They may have different personalities and come from different walks of life, but it’s amazing how Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis are able to create an unmistakable chemistry and beautiful friendship in the past 15 years that they’ve known each other through their hosting stints on It’s Showtime. And we get to see those through their amusing banters that truly brought good vibes to the madlang people.

As some of their remarkable on-cam repartees many years ago have gone viral again on social media, let’s look back on some of their recent kulitan moments in this Kapamilya Toplist!

Let’s start off with an episode of “Tumpakners,” wherein they were paired with each other. Just when we thought that they’re going to ace it because of the length of time that they have been together, not to mention that they regard one another as “sisterettes” or “twins,” they actually found it hard to score a point for their answers didn’t match. Thus, they resulted in blaming one another in jest and their past rift over watermelon was even brought up again.

The dynamic duo also had plenty of hilarious moments in the “Expecially For You” segment, one of which was when they tried to mimic the stare of ex-couples at the beginning of every episode. Vice and their co-hosts Vhong Navarro and Jhong Hilario then caught Anne having a difficult time picking up her cue card from the floor in another episode. This prompted the Unkabogable Star to utter, “Minsan ka na nga lang pumasok, antok na anto ka pa!”, which made us all laugh.

There was also an episode wherein Vice offered Anne a job in Japan as an entertainer, saying that her singing voice – which she compared to the chirp of a bird that broke its wing – would be liked by the Japanese certainly. However, our one and only Dyosa defended herself by telling her “sisterette” that her voice was actually as pleasant as the budgerigars and canaries.

And in another episode of “Expecially For You,” her co-hosts Vice, Vhong, and Jhong poked fun at Anne as she mentioned the word “eyeball” while interviewing that day’s ex-couples Kyosu and Jaja, which are both millennials. Of course, she didn’t let herself be beaten by them implying that she’s the youngest among them as the three of them were all born in the 70s, the time when “eyeball” was still commonly used.  

Anne’s Filipino tongue twister skill was then put to the test in another episode of “Tumpakners,” as Vice challenged her to say “Minemekaniko ni Monico ang makina ng Minica ni Monica” in three different levels. And the former was able to nail it flawlessly!

The “sisterettes” also shared a few funny moments in the “It’s Showdown” segment, such as when they poked fun at each other’s OOTDs and when the Unkabogable Star jokingly got upset with Anne for still making an effort to doll herself up during the grand finals even though she’s already beautiful. Their co-hosts Jhong and Vhong asked Vice if she still couldn’t accept the obvious fact yet in the 14 years that they’d been together, to which Vice replied that she had already forgotten about it due to Anne’s frequent absences.

Were you able to catch these funny scenes of Vice and Anne, madlang people?

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