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Funniest comments of It’s Showtime fam to Vice Ganda’s OOTDs

While friends are people who we can certainly depend on about almost everything in our lives, there are also instances when they’re also the ones who would first laugh at us about random things. Just like Vice Ganda who has found his best friends and nastiest “bashers” in his beloved It’s Showtime family!

And in this Kapamilya Update feature, let’s look back on some of the funniest comments of his co-hosts on his pangmalakasang OOTDs (or outfits of the day) that many of us could probably relate to.

As we looked forward on welcoming the New Year, the Unkabogable Host decided to wear a hot pink dress with feathers on the hem on the last episode of the noontime program in 2018. As one of their games for the “Tong-Tong-Tong Papatong-Patong” segment involved a party horn with feathers on the brim, his co-hosts Jhong Hilario and Vhong Navarro noticed how it went matchy-matchy with his attire. Since it’s custom-made, he jestingly pleaded the production staff to not push it through anymore, more so when his co-hosts cheered for him to be the human base of the party horn pyramid the two teams had to build.

In a Tawag ng Tanghalan episode, Jhong couldn’t help but notice how low Vice had buttoned his long-sleeved polo shirt, and how his belt was similar with the ones used in the Japanese martial arts jiu jitsu. The dynamic duo of Jhong and Vhong also poked fun at the Filipiniana top worn by Vice in another episode and even demonstrated the things that reminded them of its form.

For the “BidaMan: The Big Break” grand finals in 2019, Vice got the taste of his own medicine when Anne Curtis retaliated at his comment about her elegant blue gown, saying that it made her look like a laundrywoman. Anne clapped back by comparing his mesh black gown to a fishnet, which he just supported by uttering that he’s actually the one who got caught since he’s a seahorse.

We also couldn’t help but laugh when Jhong mentioned in an episode of “Kapare-Who” how it surprised him that not only dogs use chokers, but horses too! Being truly quick-witted that he always is, Vice retorted that he’s equally amused that monkeys could wear suits as well.

Many of us could relate perhaps with Vice Ganda when he pulled his skirt up to his chest upon realizing that his skin-tone top didn’t look good on him. As Vhong and Jhong pulled it down, Vice once again pulled it up, making Vhong see his armpits and uttered, “Brad, jungle ah,” implying that he didn’t shave.

The Jhong and Vhong’s kakulitan is definitely unstoppable as both of them held the two ends of his scarf as if it was a horse’s rein, which caused the button of his pants to snap. We also found Jhong’s comment on Vice’s “Charlie’s Angels-inspired” ensemble that he wore in an episode of “Showtime Sexy Babe” really hilarious. After the latter made fun of his silk top that according to him OPM icon Victor Wood may not even wear at present, the former clapped back by saying that Vice’s outfit was actually worn by the late Rico J. Puno.

And lastly, Jhong made the madlang people laugh when he likened one of Vice’s looks for the Showtime Sexy Babe segment to a wishing fountain and a fallen tree.

Did these kulitan and asaran moments of the It’s Showtime fam entertained you, Kapamilya?

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