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Funny Anne Curtis bulol moments

Born and raised in Australia until she was 11 and meeting and working with various personalities from and in different parts of the world, it’s definitely not surprising that Asia’s Multimedia Superstar Anne Curtis still has the Australian accent in her and is more adept in English. Thus, we really appreciate that she’s becoming more fluent in Filipino as time goes by.

However, there are still instances that she struggles quite a bit with her Tagalog as she stammers in delivering her lines, picks the inaccurate term, or pronounces words erroneously, which also sometimes happens when she speaks in English. And those mistakes do not make us love her any less as we find her “bulol” moments on It’s Showtime totally endearing and funny. Let’s look back on some of those in this episode of Showtime Toplist.

Let’s start with the “Expecially For You” episode wherein Anne was teased by her “sisterette” Vice Ganda for stuttering as she asked one of the searchers, “Paano mo nga ba nalaman?” But ‘karma’ was apparently on her side that day as the Unkabogable Star also had his bulol moment afterwards, much to her delight.

The following day, her co-hosts Vice, Jhong Hilario, and Vhong Navarro left her alone onstage after she struggled to deliver her opening spiels as they introduced the “Expecially For You” searchers for that episode. As she succeeded in her second try, Anne adorably took a bow while Vhong exclaimed, “Perfect!”

In another episode, Anne and her co-hosts weren’t able to hold their laughter as instead of “pick-up line,” she uttered “peck-up line”. Thus, they ‘mocked’ her for having too much accent and being “sobrang arte.” Since it was too funny not to be watched twice, they requested for a replay, which their directors willingly granted, and that made Anne embarrassed the second time.

There were instances when Anne tried to get away from her blunders, but her co-hosts were too attentive and quick-eared to let those simply slip. While delivering her opening spiels for an episode of “Expecially For You,” she mistakenly uttered “tinaldakan” instead of “tinuldukan”. She decided to keep going on in hopes that Jhong, Vice, and Vhong wouldn’t notice, but they were able to instantly ‘make fun’ of her because of that.

Meanwhile, in an episode of Tawag ng Tanghalan Season 7 last year, Anne tried to commend a contestant in Tagalog by comparing his voice to the relaxing vibe given off by the calm seas. However, instead of putting it out that way, she used the word “nilulubayan,” which is defined as “to ease up on,” “back off,” or “leave someone or something.” Thus, her co-hosts came to the rescue to explain to her what that actually meant and suggested words that might be more appropriate to use or closer to what she really meant.

She also had a slip-up in an episode of “Mini Miss U,” wherein she was heard saying “hep hop” instead of “hip hop” while interviewing one of the contestants. As she attempted to defend herself over and over again, her co-hosts couldn’t help but ‘make fun’ of her, with Vice having to stand up and go to the side of the stage to ask his personal assistant for tissue as his nasal mucus gushed out his nose.

Almost the same thing happened in an episode of “Karaokids,” wherein Anne wrongly read the name of a member of madlang audience who won the raffle. She whispered to him to claim that she was right, but she was caught and her co-hosts, of course, playfully bullied her.

Anne may have a few gaffes in delivering her spiels, but she can surely slay when it comes to tongue twisters. Just like in an episode of “Me-Choose, Me-Choose,” wherein she impressed u with how she perfectly pronounced the popular Pinoy tongue twister “Minemekaniko ni Monico ang makina ng Minica ni Monica” in three levels.

Aside from her deific grandeur and amazing talents, Anne’s innate sense of humor and being game to make fun of herself, especially in the presence of her It’s Showtime fam, are what make us admire her so much.

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