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Cutest kulit moments Batang cute-pos 2023

Over the years, It’s Showtime just keeps on getting bigger and bigger! And this 2023, not just one, but five adorable and talented members were added to their ever-growing family through the launch of its well-loved segment “Isip Bata.”

Aside from the interactions of the hosts with each other and with the “madlang isip bata” or adult contestants, we also found ourselves amused by their exchanges with the kiddie advisors, collectively tagged as “Batang Cute-pos,” which is comprised of Lucas Landicho, Imogen Cantong, Argus Aspiras, Princess Kathryn “Kulot” Caponpon, and Jaze Capili.

As 2023 comes to an end, let’s revisit some of their cutest and makulit moments in the noontime program in this special feature!



Let’s start with the Batang Cute-po’s first-ever appearance on It’s Showtime, wherein Argus immediately wowed everyone with his ability to enumerate all the presidents of the Philippines in chronological order – from Emilio Aguinaldo to Rodrigo Duterte. However, when asked who’s the current president, he wasn’t able to name him, which made the madlang studio audience yell “Vice Ganda”.



We already know how witty and talented they are. Thus, their Meme Vice had them take on a commercial acting challenge, wherein Argus, Jaze, and Kulot demonstrated their respective ways of persuading people to order the food assigned to them and then uttered “spragadum pakpak” in the end. Argus used his cuteness to convince us that his fried chicken is for everybody; Jaze looked adorable as he enjoyed his delicious spaghetti; while Kulot showed different ways of eating ice cream according to various situations.



Since she and her family live in Batangas, Kulot has to stay in a hotel near ABS-CBN. And in this episode, she related their “hotel-hopping” experience prior to that day. The hosts got amused as she imparted her funny anecdotes about their life in the hotel.



Apart from dancing, Jaze also likes to draw. He disclosed that it was his Meme Vice who he first learned to draw, so they challenged him to do it on the spot. However, the hosts, especially Vice, got bewildered when he drew the hair far from the stick figure’s head. When quizzed about what happened, Jaze wasn’t able to utter a word and simply connected the hair to the head – much to the amusement of everyone.



And who would forget this instance when he shared that the body part he wouldn’t want to get dirty is his face, as he believed that it’s one of the causes of baldness? Vice reacted to it in jest, saying that she must have concentrated on her face growing up, instead of her hair. In the end, Vice tried to justify his response and told him that it wasn’t true.



We also found it really cute when Kulot exposed the secret of Argus and Lucas – that they have the same crush, and it’s none other than Imogen. The two weren’t able to hide their smiles and kilig while being interrogated by the hosts, with Argus even trying to deny it even though Kulot claimed that it was him who confessed it to her.

Argus then went on to tell Vice that they wouldn’t tell Imogen about it, much to everyone’s amusement. So, when Vhong asked how he would react just in case she was watching, he bashfully replied, “Magtago po tayo.”



They may still be young, but our Batang Cute-pos already know how to do real talk. In this episode, Kulot related to Vice that she witnessed how Jaze got all sweaty as he restrained himself from getting a packed meal. Jaze denied it and told Vice, “’Di ko po alam sa kanya. Palagi naman po siyang may kuwentong hindi totoo,” which got everyone in the studio laughing.



With his cuteness and cool fashion, it’s indeed easy for Argus to steal our hearts. And that’s what he did when he performed the popular song “Magandang Dilag”, which he dedicated to his beloved Meme Vice and got her completely entertained, especially when he pointed at her every time the title was mentioned.



In the last episode of “Mini Miss U,” where the Batang Cute-pos took on significant roles, Vice expressed how much she would miss the five of them, who were all present at the same time in an episode for the first time. They sang a rowdy version of “Sana’y Pag-ibig Na Lang,”which Imogen beautifully rendered.



And lastly, from simply singing and dancing to songs that are already popular, the Batang Cute-pos are given their cute songs, which they performed on the It’s Showtime stage last October. These are songs either originally recorded by them or are covers of already existing songs.

Jaze and Argus got us grooving to “Pamela” and “Totoy Bibo”, which are originally by Vhong. Kulot endeared us with her rendition of “Clap Clap Clap” by Awra Briguela, while Imogen got us shaking with her version of “Dalandan Shake” by Vhong and Makisig Morales. Lucas, on the other hand, taught the kids to count from 1 to 10 through “Learn the 1,2,3,” which is an original.

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*Photo credit to Baby Argus Facebook