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Cherie Gil apologizes to Vice Ganda after getting touched by his and Ryan Bang’s meaningful “Magpasikat” number

For their “Magpasikat” performance this year, Vice Ganda began with a funny monologue about how he and partner, Ryan Bang came up with their production number. However, their show transitioned from funny to serious when Vice finally performed the song he himself composed.

A song about equality, one of the touching messages of the song was, “Wag mong isipin ang sinasabi ng mundo. Ang damahin ay pag-ibig ng lumikha sa’yo.” Vice also invited That’s My Tomboy winner Epey Herher, differently-abled people and sick children, among others, to sing parts of the song. Ryan Bang came out in the latter part to sing as well. 

Having touched everyone, Vice said that he wants people to feel good about themselves and to remind them that they are blessed despite difficulties.

Hurado Pops Fernandez said that the song has a beautiful meaning as it focused on equality, love for one another and hope, which made her cry. Giving the comedian praises as well, hurado Jim Paredes said that the song can be an anthem for the LGBT community.

Meanwhile, hurado Cherie Gil, surprisingly apologized to Vice for reacting to one of his stand-up stints before, implying that she judged him without understanding. Further, she said that his performance made her question the legacy she wants to leave behind after 35 years in the industry. She thanked him for letting her get to know him deeper through the song.  

Vice, emotional too, said that Cherie need not apologize to him as he did not get hurt and understood the situation. Moreover, Vice recalled an instance when somebody questioned his contribution to the public, “Napagod lang ako sa wala, wala naman pala silang nakukuha sa akin.” Hence, he made sure to make something meaningful this time so that even though he is not on the show, people will remember him well.

Vice thought that his performance was his most meaningful one so far. He also said that he is going through something right now, which he cannot share to the public just yet. This is the reason why he is often absent from the noontime show.

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