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Sarina First Appearance It’s Showtime

What a priceless gift!

Jhong Hilario’s mini-me, his daughter Sarina Oceania, or Sari, made a surprise appearance during his birthday celebration on It’s Showtime.

And it seems Sarina enjoyed the whole experience. She turned the It’s Showtime studio into her fun playground! Check out this behind-the-scenes vlog!

In the video, we see Jhong’s simple birthday “salubong” with his Streetboys co-members and director Chito Roño. He was also surrounded by his family, who couldn’t hide their happiness, especially Sarina. The little girl would blow the candles on her Daddy Jhong’s cake, as if she was the star of the night.

The next day, Jhong left Sarina at home to report to It’s Showtime, clueless that his unica hija was keeping a little secret. The video cuts to Sarina’s preparation with her Mommy Maia, who unleashed her ‘stage mother’.

Sarina was excited to visit her dad’s office, as well be given her dressing room fit for a future superstar. Backstage, she kept practicing her greeting until it was time for her to come on stage and surprise her dad.

This baby is such a natural! She had fun dancing and making cute faces in front of the madlang people. Of course, to mark her first It’s Showtime live appearance, Sarina did her “What’s up, madlang people?” shout.

After the segment, she got to bond with the It’s Showtime hosts, who are mostly her ninongs and ninangs. Ninong Ryan Bang promised her a gift, while Ninang Anne Curtis serenaded her with a song fit for a princess.

She also got to meet the “Isip Bata” gang — Kulot, Argus, Jaze, Imogen, and Lucas — backstage and gave them gifts. Sarina interacted with Ate Kim Chiu and Ninang Karylle, too.

There’s no doubt about it: Jhong and Maia are raising a future superstar, as Baby Sari was so effortless in making the madlang people happy. But most especially, they are raising a sweet and loving kid.