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Anne Curtis’ “dyosa moments” on It’s Showtime that truly got us mesmerized!

In 2008, Anne Curtis starred in the Kapamilya fantaserye “Dyosa,” wherein she mesmerized us with her portrayal of the “Takda” or “Chosen One” named Josephine, who takes the form of three deities, namely, Dyosa Tierra as a centauride, Dyosa Agua as a mermaid, and Dyosa Cielo as a harpy.

Since then, she has been regarded as the one and only “Dyosa” of Philippine showbiz, not just because of that role, but because she truly radiates the youthful glow and deific splendor that many people admire so much. And in this episode of Kapamilya Update, let’s look back on her “dyosa moments” on It’s Showtime that proved how powerful her beauty is and that made her co-host, a.k.a. “sisterette” Vice Ganda jokingly mad and ‘envious.’

First on the list is that instance when the Unkabogable Star cut off Anne while interviewing a Tawag ng Tanghalan contestant to just say that she looked like a true royal in the white ensemble that she was cladded in. Of course, she was flattered by it and confidently declared that she was already 34 years old.

Vice wasn’t able to help herself from heaping praises on Anne after her production number in May 2022 that marked her much-awaited comeback on the noontime show. She and their co-hosts were absolutely amazed at how Anne has remained young-looking and gorgeous even though she’s already a mom.

She then jestingly got pissed off by Anne upon seeing how she still looks good regardless of what she does. This was after she asked Anne to shake her head like she did, yet remained ravishing. Vice jokingly told her that she shouldn’t have returned because her beauty doesn’t empower other people like her, who just lost her self-confidence.

On another special occasion, Anne made Vice want to go home instantly upon her entrance to the studio as her stylish and classy little black dress seemingly overshadowed the latter’s outfit that resembled Y2K fashion.

After being commended by the Unkabogable Star for her nymphic aura, Anne was asked by her “sisterette” about the reason why she’s beautiful, to which Anne playfully responded, “mana ako sa’yo.” Vice then went on to poke fun at her by uttering in another episode of “Showtime Sexy Babe” that Anne doesn’t have to talk since her splendor and presence are already enough to create an impact and add production value to the show.

And on the day of the announcement of winners for Magpasikat 2023 last November 11, seemed to already have enough of Anne’s beauty as she sarcastically conveyed her annoyance towards her while they were hosting a weekly finals episode of “It’s Showdown.” Vice interrupted her while Anne was explaining the criteria for judging, then jokingly instructed Director Jon Moll to not focus the camera on Anne nor give her a close-up shot. She exclaimed, “siya na ‘yong pinakamaganda sa grupo, nag-aayos pa?

Vice was then asked by Vhong Navarro why she was being bitter to her “kambal” or twin and if her makeup was already done. She went on to evade the camera as it zoomed on her and Anne and asked her to adjust whenever they had close-up shots.

This made Jhong Hilario ask Vice, “fourteen years na tayo, hindi mo pa rin tanggap?”, to which she playfully answered, “Nakalimutan ko na kasi, ‘di ba, lagi siyang absent. Kapag absent siya, ako ang [pinakamaganda],” and went on to call their co-host and her real-life friend Lassy.

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