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Chie’s sexy dance moves It’s Showtime

Chie Filomeno knows how to turn heads.  

With sultry dance moves matched by vixen appeal and perfect hourglass figure, it’s no surprise she can steal the attention of madlang people. The men caught in these videos couldn’t help but appreciate her dance moves – well, her gorgeous face and body, too – on national television. Check out men’s amusing reactions whenever Chie sets the It’s Showtime stage on fire.

In the first clip, Vice Ganda noticed that the cameraman in front of the stage was distracted by Chie dancing during the “Girl of Fire” segment. He was looking more closely at Chie than at his monitor. "Huli pero ‘di kulong!”

The next day, Vice jokingly reported that the camera crew has been “relocated” at his wife’s request, “Tumawag po ang asawa niya sa tanggapan ng ABS-CBN. Ang sabi niya, ‘Kung talagang gusto pa ninyo ng serbisyo ng asawa ko, ilipat n’yo siya.’”

The male audience members are, of course, mesmerized by Chie’s hot moves. In another episode, Vice jokingly asked the medic to check the blood pressure of an old man enthralled by Chie’s dance number.

Chie loves sexy floorwork, hence her moniker “babaeng floor polisher.” And every time she displays this killer move, the dudes are tempted to show excitement on their faces.

Her other trademark step involves seductive movements of the hips followed by flirty hair flips. She did it once during the “Showtime Sexy Babe” segment, and guess what, the cameramen from the next room gathered inside the It’s Showtime studio. “Sumayaw lang si Chie Filomeno nagpasukan na lahat dito,” Vice reacted, then sent the boys out after Chie’s dance sample, “Okay na. Tapos na ‘yung fieldtrip n’yo. Labas na.”

Even the hosts weren’t spared from the ‘Chie effect.’ While Ryan Bang's eyes were glued on Chie, Jugs Jugueta pretended not to care and instead looked at the ceiling. Haha! “Jugs, parang gusto mo mag-rosaryo diyan,” Vice Ganda commented, adding, “Nakita n’yo si Teddy [Corpuz], kunwari walang reaksyon pero nakatitig sa monitor.”

You know something is trending when the Unkabogable Star imitates it. In the final clip, he copied Chie’s alluring floorwork and his version was so hilarious.

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