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Ryan- Cianne It’s Showtime

For sure, a lot of madlang people were able to relate with Ryan Bang when he and Tawag ng Tanghalan hurado Yeng Constantino reminisced about that period he tried to pursue her many years ago, yet unintentionally ghosted her afterwards as he assumed that she didn’t like him back. 

While we didn’t have any idea about it nor if he got involved in any romantic relationship in the past years, avid viewers of It’s Showtime are aware that he’s currently being teased by his gregarious family with their newest member, Showtime Sexy Babe alumna Cianne Dominguez. 

Being the only host who’s still single, Ryan has always been the subject of “ridicule” by his co-hosts as they would tease him whenever a contestant or celebrity guest – who’s also single – would grace the show. But as the well-loved noontime program marked its 13th year on-air, it seems that our very own Korean oppa has already found the new apple of his eye in her. 

We may not know if this is just for the show or if something special is already blossoming between them, but their moments together caught on cam indeed bring us kilig and good vibes – such as the clips included in this Kapamilya Update feature.



Let’s start off in the episode when his ever-supportive Mama Vice Ganda exposed that he began following her on her social media account while she was still a contestant of the said It's Showtime segment. From there, we can assume that he already got smitten by her beauty.

She may not have won the competition, but Cianne became one of the newest members of their family. We first noticed her joining the hosts in playing “Vest In Spelling”, wherein there were instances that they noticed her seemingly distancing herself from him. 

But that awkwardness eventually diminished as days went by as their co-hosts relentlessly teased them with each other and persistently “shipped” them, giving birth to their loveteam fondly called “RyCianne”. 

From expressing their admiration and dedicating a song to one another, the two indeed made our hearts flutter with their banters, such as when Ryan remarked that he’s willing to give her his entire 13th month pay just to make her happy and when she invited him to join in their family’s upcoming Christmas celebration. 

But what totally got us so kilig was when Cianne uttered that Ryan has a 99% chance or “pag-asa” if he’s going to court her – much to his delight. When asked by Ogie Alcasid if he called her as he got stuck in traffic, he said that he did not, yet he texts her often. 

Does the RyCianne tandem makes you kilig, too?