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Vhong Ogie Funny Bangayan It’s Showtime

Those who are able to follow the showbiz careers of Vhong Navarro and Ogie Alcasid surely know that both of them have been in the industry for decades now. While they’d probably bumped into each other or even worked together before, it was only on It’s Showtime through which they’re able to establish a solid bond and became friends after the OPM icon joined the show as one of its hosts in 2021. And they even got closer when they teamed up for his first-ever Magpasikat stint that same year.

But in recent years, we have witnessed how Vhong and Ogie would often ‘bicker,’ which their co-hosts and the madlang people alike find amusing. And in this episode of Kapamilya Update, let’s look back on some of their funniest ‘bardagulans’ that certainly brought us good vibes.

Let’s begin with that instance when they argued because of the erroneous information that Vhong relayed to Ogie in an episode of “Expecially For You.” This prompted him to transfer to the side of their co-hosts Vice Ganda and Jhong Hilario, who gave him a “debriefing” because of the “traumatic” experience he had while being with Vhong. Even though he didn’t apologize to him for what just happened, Vhong’s “mahal kita” was already enough for Ogie to back on his side.

As their co-hosts poked fun at their “twinning” OOTDs – from their printed black polo to their grey pants and white shoes, the dynamic duo couldn’t help but argue. They revealed that the polo they were wearing were gifts from their wives Tanya Bautista and Regine Velasquez.

While it is expected for them to get used to each other’s jokes, Vhong jestingly expressed how ‘offended’ he was by Ogie’s pick-up joke. He asked him, “Naligo ka ba?” then continued, “Kasi ang baho mo eh,” much to the amusement of their co-hosts Vice and Anne Curtis, who further supported Ogie’s claim that it was actually true. Vhong once again got “offended” by Ogie when the latter didn’t just block his joke during his banter with Vice in an episode of “Showtime Sexy Babe,” but also told him, “Well, hindi ka nakakatawa.”

The Unkabogable Star wasn’t able to hold her mirth again because of them after Ogie called Vhong “B.A.,” which was short for “Boy Arte,” in an episode of “Palarong Pang-Madla.” Of course, the latter retaliated by tagging him as “Boy B,” which meant “Boy BanBan” or “weakling.” Thus, Vice pressured Vhong to make sure that he would ace the challenge so that what he uttered would not ricochet to him.

Their being allies in the “KaraoKids” segment didn’t stop them from arguing after Ogie ‘ridiculed’ Vhong for providing the wrong song title.

And lastly, the two once again got everyone entertained with their bickering in another episode of “Expecially For You,” wherein Vhong attempted to make fun of his height as they talked about riding airplanes. However, Ogie was able to block him off by boasting that he would never need his assistance in putting his stuff in the overhead bin since flight attendants voluntarily assist those passengers in business class like him. Vhong tried to redeem himself, but Ogie just sarcastically laughed at him and uttered, “nakakatawa.

With how the friendly and humorous backbiting of the Ogie-Vhong tandem never fails to tickle us, Vice and Anne couldn’t help but be threatened by them. Thus, they jestingly agreed to bring back their ‘bangayan’ moments again.

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