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8 TikTok videos of Vice Ganda that made us kilig, laugh out loud

From spreading good vibes and entertaining the madlang people via his television and movie stints through the years, It’s Showtime host and phenomenal star Vice Ganda is now delivering laughter to his thousands of followers in the hottest mobile application in the planet – TikTok!

Well, the social media platform is definitely perfect for him since we all know how a great performer he is and how unbridled he is when it comes to doing hilarious antics on-and-off-cam. He has 11 entries on his official account @unkabogableviceganda as of this writing, and just in case you’re not in it, fret not because we got you covered!

Here are some of his uploads:

“Water” 101 with Ryan Bang


Buyoy amfotz!!! ##foryou

♬ original sound - offgridlife

The Unkabogable Star brought his and his anak-anakan Ryan Bang’s admirable bond on TikTok by including him in one of his entries. Funnily, he’s still teaching him how to speak fluent, just like he and their fellow mainstays do in real-life, but the latter’s Korean tongue just would not let him.

Types of “b*tch” faces


Ganern yerrrn b##tch!!! ##foryou

♬ 4 types of bitch face yall follow me - gabesco

Vice unleashed the inner “bitchesa” in him via this clip that already raked in more than 106 thousand “likes” as of this writing. He schooled us on the four types of b*tch faces by demonstrating the resting, eye roll, side glance, and up and down – with still a touch of comedy, of course.

“Vatang Zalvaje”


Vatang Zalvaje ##foryou ##Yorme

♬ original sound - Jimmy Cheng

As we absolutely enjoy their cute and hilarious banters on the noontime program, the host-comedian tapped trending child wonder Aaron “Yorme” Sunga to join him in this funny yet icky video wherein the kiddo is seen sticking his nose to the metal straw being used by his Mama Vice after not letting him take a sip of coconut juice.

Pang-bwisit na pa-sweet


Pangbwisit na pasweet!!! ##foryou ##ViceIon ##Ion @Perezion27

♬ original sound - Dave Duque

Of course, his beloved partner Kuya Escort Ion Perez has cameos in his TikTok uploads as he includes him in clips intended for couples, just like this one. By fooling Vice that it’s impossible for him to breathe while smiling, he’s able to make his mi amore, as well as their followers, smile and get kilig!

His babies


My babies! ##Ion ##Yorme ##ViceIon ##foryou

♬ MUA! - biancajramirez123

Everybody who has seen this clip probably went “aaaw” as not only one, but two of his babies accompanied him in this video. They’re seen kissing him on the cheek alternately then simultaneously, as they kept pace with the tune they used, which certainly made the Unkabogable Star so delighted.

When boredom strikes


Yes im bored! ##foryou

♬ tubitubitata - RR

Just like his fellow “TikTokers”, he got himself entertained by making fun of himself as the Metro Manila made him really bored. In this clip that already garnered more than 500 thousand “likes”, he did a funny mash-up of BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and the classic novelty song “Beep Beep Beep Ang Sabi Ng Jeep”, specifically on the rap part.

First take!


Very First! 🙈🙈🙈 ##foryou

♬ plottwist sound - welvinmartinezdle

And for his debut in the TikTok world, Vice immediately made us laugh with his first-ever entry that showed his innate kakulitan. This video earned over 320 thousand “likes” and more than 2000 comments.

So, what’s your most favorite Tiktok entry of the Unkabogable Star?