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PAANDAR 2017: 14 Heartwarming moments that touched all of us on It’s Showtime

It has been said that Christmas is a season for giving. But for It's Showtime, generosity and compassion had been all-year round.

And this year, we saw a lot of endearing, touching encounters with show contestants on It’s Showtime that moved us and restored our faith in humanity.

Here are the unforgettable moments this year that warmed our hearts and inspired us to become as selfless and generous as our It’s Showtime family.

Gift of smile

Vice Ganda is very much vocal about his unwavering love for his Nanay Rosario. Thus, he didn't hesitate to give the mother of Tawag ng Tanghalan daily contender Jojie a gift of smile by paying for her dentures.

Baguio Christmas holiday

Certainly, we all dream of an all-expense paid trip to a destination of our choice.

Well, TNT daily contender Jimboy and his family are fortunate enough to have the Unkabogable Star shouldering a dream vacation in Baguio on Christmas.

Karaoke surprise

Filipinos love singing so much, just like TNT Kids contestant Jomarie. But his family couldn't afford a karaoke machine that would help him rehearse for his competitions and be their source of income at the same time. Thus, Anne Curtis provided the machine while the television was on Vice.

Barbie dream come true

TNT Kids daily contender Leanne's little sister Shaina didn't expect that her irresistible cuteness and sweetness would bring her the birthday gift she's been dreaming to have -- a Barbie doll -- from Vice.

A dress for kid contender, a fishing boat for dad

It was not only TNT Kids contender Villa Angela who was able to receive an early Christmas gift from the Unkabogable Star but her father as well. After learning that the dress she wore during the contest was only lent to her by another contestant, Vice gave her clothes and her father, a new fishing boat.


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