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7 hilarious love-related kulitan moments of Vice Ganda and Kim Chiu on It’s Showtime

We surely admire the chemistry that Vice Ganda is able to develop with her fellow pioneer It’s Showtime co-hosts throughout the 14 years that they’ve been together, especially when it comes to bantering with each other. But we can all agree that her connection with Kim Chiu, who just officially became part of their ever-growing family in 2020, has been adorable in its own way, too.

And recently, we’ve witnessed their kulitan moments on the show that have a tinge of hugot, leaving the madlang people amused and intrigued at the same time. We rounded up seven of them in this edition of Kapamilya Update!

Let’s start with that instance when the Unkabogable Star asked Kim out of the blue about the person who’s been making her smile lately while they were interviewing a Tawag ng Tanghalan daily contender. That really startled her, with Tiyang Amy Perez further fueled it by asking her to greet whoever it was. Kim just laughed it off and told her that it’s nobody but herself and her loved ones who make her happy. She also repeatedly told Vice “napaka-OA!” and they all burst into laughter.

Kim’s facial reaction suddenly changed when Vice put her on the hot seat as they talked about “closure” in a relationship. According to the Chinita Princess, everything can be given closure as long as the two parties are going to talk it out. She stated, “May mga bagay na kailangan nating isarado para makapagbukas ulit tayo ng panibago.

Her co-hosts then noticed how brimming with energy she was as she invigoratingly grooved to Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” when being introduced as one of the panel of judges of It’s Showdown. As they commented how her recent beach trip apparently had a great effect on her, Vice commented, “Iba talaga ‘yong hangin sa beach tapos walang masyadong tao. Nakakapag-isip-isip ka, tapos babalik ka sa buhay mo sa siyudad nang maluwag ang utak mo, ‘di ba?” Instead of responding to it, Kim simply showed them her energetic moves anew.

Kim then wasn’t able to contain her mirth when Vice asked her when she was going to join “Expecially For You.” This stirred everyone in the studio, especially their co-hosts, but Vice clarified that she was just actually asking her when she will serve as one of its hosts because she believes that Kim can impart something about relationships based on her own experiences. Jhong Hilario also joined in teasing her.

The Chinita Princess then surprisingly got emotional while taking on the on-the-spot acting challenge of Vice as she asked her to announce the winner in an episode of TNT in three dramatic ways. Vice told her to deliver the spiels in a sad tone, in a manner that implies that she’s already letting go of the person, and in a way that she’s already accepted her loss but is hurting and wishing that she is still the one. She wasn’t able to hold her emotions in the last and shed a tear.

She once again caught the attention of Vice when she reacted to the “traitor” comment of the female searcher in an episode of “Expecially For You.” Kim wasn’t able to help herself from jokingly beating the Unkabogable Star with the cue card she was holding and gave Vice a back hug.

And just recently, Vice’s funny yet touching message on Kim about love went viral on social media. She told her, “Maganda ka, mabuti kang tao, maganda ang mukha mo, maganda ang puso mo. You deserve the best, you deserve love,” and gave her a tight, warm embrace.

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