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Karylle funny remarks about “exes”

Being in the industry for years now, we can say that Karylle’s has been quite an open book to the public. Those who are able to follow her journey would know that she had encountered hard-hitting controversies related to her personal life, especially her romantic affairs.

But since those were already a thing of the past and she has been happily married to her husband Yael Yuzon for 10 years now, we have witnessed how Karylle can already share bits and even make fun of her previous relationships whenever the topic of “exes” is brought up in the banters of the hosts or in the program’s segments.

And just in case you’re looking for a compilation of Karylle’s cute moments while talking about “exes” on the well-loved noontime show, we’ve got you covered as we collated some of them in this Kapamilya Update feature!

Let’s start with that instance when she was tasked by Vice Ganda to say “Hi” to a former flame who everyone knows live on national TV as her “funishment” in the “Mas Testing” segment. Just when many probably assumed that she would mention her most popular ex, she instead greeted “Mark P.”

Perhaps caught off guard, Karylle just laughingly responded “wala” to the Unkabogable Star when asked what’s the common excuse of cheaters in an episode of “Madlang Pi-poll.” But when asked the second time, she promptly chose “Option B,” which stated, “Katrabaho ko lang ‘yon.” 

We were also amused by her interaction with an audience member named “Didong” as Vice called him out and teasingly asked him, “Didong, si Karylle. Bati na ba kayo?” This made everyone in the studio laugh, including “Mr. Q&A” guest hurados for that day Megastar Sharon Cuneta and Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid.

As Vice conveyed how scary it is to bump into the new partner of an ex during an episode of “Isip Bata,” Karylle couldn’t help but comment, “Tapos kunwari wala kang reaksyon,” much to the surprise of Vice. Thus, he went on to tease her anew since she only seldom shares her thoughts in their conversations onstage and even added, “horror,” which further amused and awakened Vice from the drowse effect of the medication he just took.

The Unkabogable Star also put Karylle in the hot seat in an episode of “Expecially For You,” wherein the searchers were the ex-couple whose kilig unexpected reunion through a ride-hailing service got trending on social media. He quizzed her if she would dare avail of the ride upon finding out that the rider she booked would be her former boyfriend. Everyone apparently waited for her response, deciding that she would probably not since it’s ‘harmful’ not just to her rating in the ride-hailing app, but to her heart, too.

And lastly, it seemed that Karylle wasn’t able to hold her kilig when asked to act out how she would likely react if ever she would bump into an ex-flame. And her reaction indeed left everyone laughing.

Did these moments of Karylle showing her funny side get you entertained as well, Kapamilya?

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