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5 most viewed highlights of It’s Showtime that amuse, moved madlang people in 2022

The number “13” may be an unlucky number for some, but it’s arguably the best for the It’s Showtime fam as they marked their 13th anniversary last year. The year 2022 might be an eventful year, but the gregarious family actually had plenty of reasons to celebrate about in the year that has passed.

Despite the challenges, the well-loved noontime program is still able to continue running, which spawned to the launch of a few new segments and of new members of their continuously growing line-up, as well as the 13th staging of the highly anticipated annual Magpasikat fete. We were also able to witness the return of the hosts who took their hiatus to focus on their personal lives and loads of fun happenings throughout the year.

And as we look forward on its 14th year this 2023, let’s look back on the top 5 most viewed highlights of It’s Showtime that truly brought good vibes and laughter to the madlang people, as well as struck a chord with us.

Jhong surprises It's Showtime family as he pretends to be a TNT Contender

Let us begin with this clip showing Jhong Hilario’s epic comeback last June 2022, which he did by disguising as a Tawag ng Tanghalan daily contender. Bizarrely dressed, he belted out the classic OPM hit “Kahit Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko,” which also serves as a theme song of the It’s Showtime family to each other.

His unsuspecting co-hosts were totally shocked upon realizing that it was him, while Vice Ganda wasn’t able to help himself from crying as Jhong approached and embraced him. The tears they shed were immediately replaced with smiles and laughter as they once again get to banter with one another. He might not have directly confirmed that he would be seen regularly on the show like he used to prior to taking a break, yet he’s been delighting us with his presence almost every day.

Anne Curtis tries her best to speak Tagalog

Speaking of comeback, Anne also made her enthralling return in May 2022 through an awesome production number. And on her first day as an It’s Showtime host after around three years of hiatus, her co-presently quickly poked fun at her by putting her Tagalog skills to the test during the “Showtime Sexy Babe” segment. The proud first-time mom related that she’s actually honing her Filipino speaking as she wants her daughter Dahlia to be fluent to the language.

Vice Ganda’s message for Vhong Navarro

While the Magpasikat performances this year had raked in hundreds and thousands of views, the hosts’ touching closing remarks during its final day surely moved the madlang people. But among the messages that we heard, it was Unkabogable Star Vice Ganda’s speech that truly rend our hearts, as he addressed their co-host Vhong Navarro, who was unable to participate in last year’s celebration because of the circumstance that he was going through then, as well as thanked the former members of their family who departed from the show a few years ago.

He also expressed his utmost gratitude to It’s Showtime and the ABS-CBN management for bringing her to where he is at present, especially to the madlang people who showed their unwavering support and love to them in the past 13 years.

Vice asks Zeinab about her ex

As the contestants of “Miss Q & A: Kween of the Multibeks” debated to whom they would feel awkward more between “ex ng jowa mo” o “jowa ng ex mo,” Vice hurled the same question at that day’s judges –beauty queen Nicole Cordoves, professional basketball player Arwind Santos, and social media influencer Zeinab Harake.

However, it seemed that many madlang people were more curious to hear Zeinab’s sentiment about it since her break-up with her former partner early this year was highly talked about. And for her, it’s the latter as she jestingly commented that she would feel awkward for the girl.

Jackie shows off her new signature dance steps

From being Vice’s onscreen partner in the spontaneous skit that he made up a few years ago, Ate Girl Jackie Gonzaga went on to become the new faces of the noontime program as she became one of its hosts. She might have a new feather in her cap, yet she still doesn’t forget how she started and the things that she’s passionate about the most – as an exemplary dancer.

In one of the episodes in February 2022, she showed off her unique, killer moves that truly wowed her co-hosts.

Were you able to catch these episode highlights last year, Kapamilya?