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New set of MNL48 top 10 aspirants revealed on It’s Showtime

It’s Showtime” has kicked off the nationwide search for the first generation members of the country’s first-ever all-girl idol group MNL48, the Filipino version of Japan’s highest-selling and phenomenal idol group AKB48.

Produced by ABS-CBN and Hallo Hallo Entertainment, the search revealed its second weekly top ten aspirants, who were determined through fan votes from the top 75 girls who made it to the latest stage of the competition.

The top ten girls, led by the top-ranking Eunice of Cabanatuan, danced to the classic OPM hit “Mr. Kupido” on “It’s Showtime” last weekend. She was followed by Sayaka of Legazpi City, twins Shaina and Shaira of Cainta, Alice of Quezon City, Aria of Antipolo, Tin of Iloilo, Essel of Cavite, Heart of Malabon, and Abby Of Cavite.

Abby is the new face that joined the group, while Eunice zoomed to the top from her number six ranking last week. Val of Cavite, last week’s top one, failed to make the cut this time.

Every week, the ranking of the top 75 girls may change depending on the votes cast by their fans. Voting is also reset and reopened weekly so fans can vote again for their “oshi” or favorite on the MNL48 website (MNL48.ph) and mobile app, where the highest to the bottom ranking applicants and their audition videos are displayed.


The top 75 girls also undergo daily trainings and appear on their online show (MNL48 on YouTube) to engage with their fans.

Every Saturday, the ten girls who will receive the highest number of fan votes for the week will be revealed and perform on the “It’s Showtime” stage, boosting their chances of getting in the idol group.

The competition, meanwhile, will conclude in April with the announcement of the group’s official members.

Just like its origin and sister group AKB48, MNL48 members will be performing daily in an exclusive theater and will automatically become the first endorsers of Tokyo Girls Collection Shop, which will soon open at Vertis North Mall in Quezon City. The newest group’s supporters can also look forward to the girls’ music recording, handshake events, TV guestings, and a concert.


AKB48 is also recognized as an international sister group, with sister groups in Thailand, Taiwan, India, and Indonesia.

Who among the girls will succeed in the coming weeks and ultimately make up the country’s first-ever all-girl idol group?

Get updates on MNL48’s top 75 aspirants by watching “It’s Showtime,” tuning in to its daily online show on YouTube, and following @mnl48official on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.