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WATCH: ‘Switch It Up’ dance tutorial with Hashtag Zeus, Nikko and Girltrend Sammie

One of the most sensational dances right now that continues to trend worldwide is the ‘Switch It Up’ dance challenge to the tune of Lavaado’s viral hit. Making you dance to the beat with its catchy rhythm, “Switch It Up” engages several people in and out of social media to take the challenge. And in case you still don’t know how to do it, here are Hashtags Zeus Collins and Nikko Natividad together with GirlTrend Sammie Rimando to show you how!

As what we all know, Hashtag Zeus Collins has always made our jaws drop whenever he busts a move. Remember his viral dance with GirlTrend Dawn Chang? The sensual dance they formed together in PBB 737 for the song titled “Love Me Like You Do” is undeniably captivating. He even danced this once on It’s Showtime with host Anne Curtis that made the madlang people go wild.

On the other hand, Hashtag Nikko Natividad proved to us that he also is a great dancer. Being a former housemate too, one of Nikko’s unforgettable dance moments is when he danced to the song “What You Came For” by Calvin Harris feat. Rihanna, in partnership with Yassi Pressman on PBB Lucky Season 7. Nikko also trended on social media for making his very own steps to the song “Hayaan Mo Sila” by Ex Battalion.

Meanwhile, Sammie Rimando is notable for her beautiful and striking musically uploads and other dance videos on her Instagram account. She did some dance collaborations with other Hashtag members which reached thousands of views already in just an hour. GirlTrend Sammie also surprised us in her Magpasikat 2018 performance with team Anne Curtis and Mariel Rodriguez, by doing some aerial silk acrobatics.

In this video, Zeus, Nikko and Sammie joined forces to teach us how easy it is to do the ‘Switch It Up’ dance challenge! So get on your feet, follow their lead and dance with some of the most talented dancers as you watch this video!