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WATCH: Jay R proposes to his girlfriend Girltrend Mica


After five solid years of being together, the country’s King of RnB JayR finally put a ring on the finger of his longtime girlfriend, multi-faceted artist Mica Javier of the GirlTrends on It’s Showtime, through a surprise marriage proposal he staged last weekend in an entertainment and food park in Parañaque City.

Present in the momentous intimate event, which appeared to be a get-together, were their family and close friends in and out of show business.

Everyone took their respective shots and videos to document that magical moment and shared it online, including the soon-to-be-bride’s younger sister Mara Celine, who gave us a blow-by-blow narration of what transpired that night through her Instagram stories.

According to her, the 37-year-old singer, with the help of his “soul brotha” Kris Lawrence and the attendees, “set up a decoy music video” in order to seamlessly accomplish the extra special surprise he prepared for the GirlTrend member, since she completely didn’t have any idea about what was going to happen next.

As he announced that the filming was already done, he suddenly pulled Mica, held her both hands, and spoke something sweet to her that made her smile.

Everyone in the large room weren’t able to hold their exhilaration, especially on that moment he took a small box from his pants’ back pocket, presented the precious ring to her, and popped the much-awaited question.

“She’s still stunned and confused and thinks it’s for the music vid and that the ring is a prop,” Mara enthused.

Still in shock, the PHR Presents Los Bastardos star asked everyone if either it was still a part of the music video or not, and they were all convincing her that it was already for real – and exclusively for her.

On her IG account, the 32-year-old gorgeous actress and performer also shared the thoughts going on her mind during that memorable occasion on the caption of one of her latest posts, which includes a close-up image of her showing the ring, a lovely snap of her with her fiancé, and a clip of her doing the steps of Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) while brandishing her studded left ring finger. It reads:

I got me a BOO-iancé  ❤️❤️❤️ @rnbjayr #jamica | I can’t believe it. He pulled off the biggest surprise ever, I had NO CLUE what was happening even while it was happening. The space went silent as I watched him mouth the words, eyes teared up, our dearest friends and family clamouring in the background... for a fleeting moment I froze in shock, thoughts battling between “are we still shooting a music video?!” and “hang on is this forreal?!”, I was stunned and it was surreal but there was no doubt in my mind, my answer was always going to be YES. I love you @rnbjayr & I’m so excited to be your wifey! [sic]

Congratulations on your engagement, JayR and Mica!