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Social Experiment: Juliana, sinubukan ang YaCapsule challenge

Being aware of the serious growing rate of depression cases in our country, Miss Q & A 2018 Juliana Parizcova Segovia did a meaningful social experiment in the 12th episode of Juliana’s “And I Thank You” online show.

In this social experiment, Juliana takes on what we call the “YaCapsule Challenge.” Here, Juliana stood in crowded public places covering his head with a paper bag and wearing a placard asking for a hug. Will anyone give Juliana what he wants?

Juliana went to two different locations—areas near the MRT stations at North Avenue and Quezon Avenue.

Juliana got 15 random hugs, which met his expectations. What surprised Juliana was that more millennials hugged him than those from other generations. Juliana said he’s still very happy with the result.

With those 15 hugs, Juliana even got heartfelt messages from those who gave him a warm embrace. Indeed, there are still a lot of compassionate Filipinos who will stop for a moment and take a little time to give comfort to even a masked stranger who needs it.

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