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It’s Showtime’s Kuya Escort Ion unleashing his dance moves

The spontaneity and candid banter are only some of the reasons why Kapamilyas love watching every minute of It’s Showtime. Whether you are a host, hurado, contestant or just one of the madlang people you have to be ready in case you are put on the spot. Miss Q & A’s Ion Perez knows exactly what this feels like.

After we witnessed Vice Ganda’s blooming on-screen romance with Ate Girl Jackque Gonzaga, now it is time for Kuya Escort to take action. By that we mean chacha his way to the Unkabogable Superstar’s heart. His dancing has been the butt of jokes on the noontime show, yet this never stopped him from busting out his moves as soon as the music comes on.

During one episode we saw a variation of his chacha routine when it became the shiggy dance, courtesy of a Miss Q & A candidate. His performance had all of us clutching our sides. Although, this time around, however, it was his failed attempts at singing the lyrics that got us.

Another instance, he tried to give a sexy dance, but Vice had a better idea, “Alam mo, hubad na lang, ‘wag sayaw.” Still when Anne Curtis asked him to try again, he willingly granted her request which elicited another jab from Vice, “Parang ‘yung bihira lang maka-attend ng pasayaw sa probinsya.”

Eventually, the two of the Street Boys’ members decided they had to step in and teach him a thing or two. It’s Showtime’s King of Chacha Vhong Navarro taught him how to make his hips do the talking. Meanwhile, Jhong Hilario thought that maybe hip hop would be a better style for him. Even Ate Girl Jackque showed him what to do and had no success.

Either way, the madlang people still love him for putting a smile on our faces every single day. Check out this video if you are having a bad day and desperately need a laugh!