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Pak Ganern on ‘It’s Showtime’

In the noontime show “It’s Showtime”, Vice Ganda introduced a new game para sa mga tunay na lalaki that will surely be the next big thing . It is called “Pak Ganern” and it’s similar to the traditional hand-clapping games like “Nanay Tatay”. Get to know the newest trend in town! Watch and learn!

Vice first played the game with the other hosts, Jhong Hilario, Billy Crawford and Vhong Navarro. After losing, Vice received a punishment from his playmates.

American mixed martial artist Brandon Vera also played it with Vice, Billy and Vhong. After that, he also had a one-on-one “Pak Ganern” showdown with Vice.

Vice played it once more with Vhong. After that, they challenged “It’s Showtime” host Kim Atienza and “Tawag ng Tanghalan” judges Rey Valera and Louie Ocampo to play it as well. Anne Curtis then challenged Vice on a one-on-one game and tried her skill in playing the viral game.

If you enjoyed watching “Pak Ganern”, try playing it with your family and friends. Join the “Pak Ganern” Challenge and upload your videos online!

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Happy Friday Kapamilya!