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Top 10 videos of Anne Curtis showing her ‘kalog’, sweet side on It’s Showtime

From being a promising teen actress who delighted us with her teeny-bopper stints both in television and film, we witnessed how Anne Curtis bloomed and flourished into becoming one of the most sought-after and multi-awarded showbiz personalities in the local entertainment scene through the years.

But in 2009, our very own ‘Dyosa’ began to completely show-off her flair in hosting when she was picked to become one of the main hosts of what turned out to be one of the most highly successful noontime shows in Philippine TV history – It’s Showtime – which is now on its 10th year. Not only that, she was also able to unravel her ‘kalog’ or playful side that had been hidden beneath her mesmerizing deific beauty.

As they roll out their biggest anniversary celebration to date dubbed “Sampu-Sample!”, let’s reminisce those moments when Anne was able to naturally exude how actually ‘kalog’ and endearing she is in this countdown of her top 10 It’s Showtime clips on YouTube as of posting time.

10. PUROKatatawanan: Anne answers Vhong's joke

While she was seemed befuddled of the right answer to Vhong’s joke, she was still able to come up with a response she thought was correct. But what she taught their representative Dawn Chang was apparently ‘waley’ as it made everyone more confused. Try again, Anne.

9. Miss Q & A: Candidate no. 2 wows Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis

As what we have mentioned, Anne and Vice Ganda’s team-up onstage never fails to delight us due to their unmistakable chemistry and ever-laughable banters. Just like in this Miss Q & A Intertalaktic 2019 episode wherein they entertained us with how they interviewed the contestants, especially Adele-impersonator Ton-Ton Soriano, who seemingly dared the Unkabogable Star for a showdown.

8. PUROKatatawanan: Vhong gets Anne's joke

And in their bid to score a point in PUROKatatawanan, Anne and her group found their loss to Team Boys only swelling as Vhong was able to spoil her “knock-knock joke” in the fourth and final round, leading to their triumph. Anne tried to save her team by correcting how the answer should be pronounced, to no avail.

7. Big Brother invites Anne, Jhong and Karylle to the PBB house

Just when she and co-hosts Jhong Hilario and Karylle thought that everything was only a simple Sine Mo ‘To skit, they were all shocked and befuddled to learn that they’re not going to only act as Pinoy Big Brother housemates, but were actually the newest house guests to visit the contestants then of Season 737! After personally talking to Kuya inside the studio and being fetched by PBB host Robi Domingo, the three were sent inside the famous yellow house and had to stay there until their missions were accomplished.

6. PUROKatatawanan: Vhong's joke makes Anne clueless

Apart from being an exceptional host and an affectionate friend, Anne made us admire her even as she brandished how a great leader she could be not just in their Magpasikat performances, but in the “Purok Katatawanan” segment as well, wherein she spearheads Team Vice/Team Girls. The jokes of Team Boys, especially by Vhong, might get her so blank and confused sometimes, but she still tried to help her teammates just in case her guesses were right.

5. MiNiME ni Anne Curtis, bumirit ng "Alone"

From being the one being cheered for by the madlang people, she became a spectator and biggest fan of her adorable MiniMe Cassey Mae Real, who indeed a great job in impersonating her manner of hosting and acting, and most especially how confident she is in belting out her favorite piece “Alone”. Look how delighted Anne was with the little girl’s performance.

4. Tawag ng Tanghalan: Anne dances without music

Being the feisty yet jovial girl that she always is, Anne is indeed always ready to face any challenge that would come her way, even if it’s the “Taga-Saan Ka? Challenge”. However, it seemed that she got a little bit too pumped up that day as she suddenly danced in the middle of interviewing of Tawag ng Tanghalan contestant even without the iconic budots music being played that truly got everyone surprised and giggling.

3. Vice and Anne laugh when Miss Q & A contestant impersonates Mariah Carey

She might be an epitome of sophistication, but Anne was able to shatter this impression towards her as she exuded her cheerful and ‘kalog’ side within her 10 years as host of It’s Showtime. But among her fellow hosts, it’s her team up with the ‘Unkabogable Star’ that we probably always look forward to as they never failed to brighten up our moods with their funny banters.

2. Tawag Ng Tanghalan: Vice Ganda vs. Anne Curtis singing showdown

Apart from hosting, the 34-year-old multi-faceted artist was also able to expose and develop her skills in singing, which she exhibits in some of her production numbers, or whenever she feels like doing it, just like what he did in this clip.

However, she often gets halted by her “sisterette” Vice Ganda, who’s seemed not pleased of her ‘singing voice’. Besides, they often get involved in friendly arguments as well that never failed to make us laugh.

1. Anne Curtis kisses Vhong Navarro

The inception of It’s Showtime didn’t only mark the start of our extra fun and exciting noontime viewing, as it was also the beginning of a lovely and unconditional friendship between her and co-host Vhong Navarro. Because of their closeness, their colleagues and the madlang people fervently shipped them, thus, the Vhong-Anne tandem was formed.

So, when her “on-screen partner” went back to the show after more than a month of taking a leave due to the personal problem he had to go through, she welcomed him by giving him a smooch on the cheek and warm embrace. Sweet!

So what’s your most favorite Anne Curtis moment on It’s Showtime?