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Vice, Vhong, and Jhong’s top 10 kulitan videos that made us laugh so hard on It’s Showtime

They might be in the local entertainment scene for a very long time now, but Vhong Navarro, Jhong Hilario, and Vice Ganda didn’t have the chance to work together. 

As we all know, Vhong and Jhong are members of the 90’s iconic all-male dance group Streetboys, who later on ventured into acting. Vhong starred in a slew of blockbuster comedy films, such as “Mr. Suave” (2003), “Gagamboy” (2003), “Otso-Otso Pamela-Mela Wan” (2004), “D’ Anothers” (2005), “Agent X44” (2007), and “Supahpapaicious” (2008) to name a few, and even recorded a few novelty songs. 

Meanwhile, Jhong became a sought-after versatile actor who never failed to compel us with his every portrayal either on television or in a movie.

On the other hand, Vice Ganda was a popular stand-up comedian who used to perform in comedy bars before he became a frequent guest and performer in various programs and a supporting cast member in several films and teleseryes.

But with the inception of It’s Showtime in 2009, their paths crossed as they’re tapped to take on different roles on the show. Vhong has been one of the original hosts while Vice and Jhong used to be hurados first before getting hired as presenters. Having the same level of humor and being natural comedians, they were able to immediately build their chemistry, and since then become the most awesome threesome we didn’t know we needed. 

As we join It’s Showtime in celebrating their “Sampu-Sample” anniversary fete, let’s count down the Top 10 most viewed kulitan moments of this wacky trio on the show that the madlang people couldn’t help but watch over and over again on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s official YouTube channel. 

10. Tawag ng Tanghalan:  Vhong and Jhong put Vice Ganda in the hot seat  


With Vice continually stuttering during their interview with a TNT daily contender, Jhong and Vhong teased him that their monthsary celebration had something to do with it. Thus, the Unkabogable Star retaliated by poking fun at Vhong’s #OOTD, and even compared his nose to an open oyster. He also told Jhong that if he’s not a monkey, he would probably be a squid right now.

9. Tawag ng Tanghalan: Vhong and Jhong play with Vice on the TNT stage


As Vice laughed at Jhong after seemingly tripping on his way to victimizing him again, the former surprised him by suddenly approaching the latter as he walked back to his usual position as the gong-bassador in pursuit of stopping him from his wicked plan. Vhong joined the rumble in an attempt to do “it” again to him, to no avail. Thus, they just satisfied themselves, and the madlang people, by pulling him by his both hands as he laid on the stage.

8. Tawag ng Tanghalan: Vice, Vhong and Jhong reveal their age


While there are some people who are ashamed to reveal their real age, Vice, Vhong, and Jhong take pride on being in their 40s and how they’re able to keep up with the ‘hypebeast’ fashion trend. Of course, poking fun at each other would never be out everytime this wacky trio shares the stage.

7. Tawag ng Tanghalan: Vhong and Jhong versus Vice Ganda


The Unkabogable Star got into a ‘one big fight’ anew after Jhong and Vhong did it once again. This, after he exposed some shocking trivias about them and even exaggeratingly demonstrated how the latter injects glutathione to himself every night before he sleeps. However, being in pain didn’t stop him from mocking Vhong.

6. Tawag ng Tanghalan: Vhong and Jhong make fun of Vice Ganda


As Vice criticized how fight scenes are usually done in films and demonstrated how people brawl in real life, he didn’t expect that his co-host Vhong and Gong-bassador Jhong would do “it” to him again. He jestingly accused the latter of being “manyak” or pervert for doing it a little over the top, which the Sample King denied. Vice then told madlang people to not believe in everything that came from their mouths for it was all for fun.

5. Tawag Ng Tanghalan: Carlo defends Vice from Vhong and Jhong


After Jhong and Vhong did “it” again to the Unkabogable Star (well, it was actually his snide remark against them that triggered them to do “it”), his “anak-anakan”, online sensation Carlo Mendoza, came to the rescue to defend his Mama Vice. At first, he couldn’t help himself from laughing over what everyone just witnessed, but the young charmer was able to muster enough seriousness to warn the two prankish dudes not to ever hurt Vice again.

4. Tawag ng Tanghalan: Vice Ganda versus Jhong and Vhong!


During their interview with Tawag ng Tanghalan daily contender Allaine Sta. Ana, the awesome threesome of It’s Showtime suddenly figured in a ‘heated argument’ about how people tend to repeat the mistakes they committed in their previous relationship/s, demystifying the adage that love teaches us a lesson or two. That whole portion became hugot-filled, but they made sure to still inject puns and witty remarks in the lines they delivered spontaneously that totally made us laugh.

3. Tawag ng Tanghalan: Vice warns Vhong and Jhong


And Jhong and Vhong did it again to Vice, and this time, they pointed Anne Curtis as the mastermind, which she strongly denied. Aside from doing the naughty deed, Jhong also shocked Vice by banging the gong behind him and while he was emoting over what just occurred. Uh-oh, that’s what you call double-whammy.

2. Tawag ng Tanghalan: Vhong and Jhong make fun of Vice Ganda


It might have been painful for the Unkabogable Star, but we couldn’t help but laugh seeing him being stealthily lifted by his two mischievous co-hosts in the middle of delivering his spills through his groin and relentlessly jiggle him up and down until they could. Yet, that didn’t stop hurado Ogie Alcasid on wishing to experience it as well.

1. KapareWho: Jhong and Vhong use Ion against Vice


In one of their pseudo-skirmishes, the trio amused us by using bottles of ketchup (for Vice) and mayonnaise (for Vhong) as their weapons and threatened to squirt the contents onto each other if they would not surrender. As the battle ‘heated up’, Jhong suddenly brought Vice’s “kryptonite” – Kuya Escort Ion Perez – on the stage and turned him into a human shield.

Is your most favorite kulitan and wacky moment of Vhong, Jhong, and Vice included in this list?