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Netizens astounded with Team Anne and Mariel’s “heart-pounding, amazing” Magpasikat show
Netizens astounded with Team Anne and Mariel s heart pounding amazing Magpasikat show 1

Netizens were astounded with the breathtaking acrobatic and aerial extravaganza of Team Anne and Mariel on Magpasikat 2018.

With the circus-like number inspired by the movie “The Greatest Showman,” Anne Curtis and Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, together with Hashtags Jameson Blake, Ryle Paolo Tan, Tom Doromal, and Kid Yambao, and GirlTrend Sammie Rimando, left netizens in awe as they praised their “death-defying” efforts as “The Greatest ShowMa-Anne.”

Jameson was commended for being the show presenter, with his superb eloquence and showmanship. Commenters also admired the pretty “Dangerous Darling” Sammie, who fought her fears and gave a mind-blowing aerial silk performance. The “Bouncing Boys,” which consists of Ryle, Tom and Kid, impressed netizens with their spectacular slacklining act.

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When the spotlight went to the “Swinging Sirens” Anne and Mariel, people were awestruck and fascinated with their death-defying aerial acrobatic show, swinging and flipping on a hanging chandelier and on a suspended cloth.  For netizens, it was heart-pounding and amazing.

But what really caught netizens’ attention was Anne “sharing the spotlight” with Mariel, who performed on Magpasikat for the first time, and the rest of the team.

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