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Awe-inspiring, ‘buwis-buhay’ Magpasikat performances of Anne Curtis through the years

Through the years, we’ve witnessed how Anne Curtis magnificently evolved from being a television and movie actress to becoming one of the most well-loved and most popular presenters and performers in the country via her notable stint in It’s Showtime.

However, not only her hosting skill was honed and exposed, but her prowess in singing and dancing as well as she never failed to fascinate and surprise us every year with the special production numbers she painstakingly prepared and brainstormed with her team for the noontime program’s Magpasikat fete. She’s been a risk-taker and fearless since then, thus, she is being dubbed as the “Buwis-Buhay Queen.”

Let’s take a look back on the feisty Dyosa’s unforgettable Magpasikat performances through this feature.



For their first anniversary, Anne channeled the sultry popstar in her as she amused the madlang people with her vocal prowess by singing three of the hottest songs of that era. She opened her “mini concert” by belting out Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love The Way You Lie”, and went on to sing Katy Perry’s “Hot N’ Cold” with balladeers Led Sobrepeña and Bugoy Drilon. She capped it off by performing an operatic version of Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s “Telephone” opposite veteran singer-actor Robert Seña. A costume change transpired in between each song number.




In the succeeding year, she once again showed off her striking singing talent, but levelled it up by doing stunts mid-air at the same time as she did pole and aerial silk dancing – the very first of her death-defying numbers. Hanging upside down, she belted out Adele’s “Someone Like You” with renowned singer Jed Madela making a special appearance as her moving microphone holder. She ended her presentation literally with a splash by singing Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing”, letting herself slide to a huge container filled with water. 




Teaming up with Karylle on the third year of Magpasikat, Anne indeed thrilled us when they turned the studio into a circus and left everyone dumbfounded with their spectacular and heart-stopping acts that depicts the four elements of nature – land, fire, air, and water – such as intrepidly gobbling up exotic foods tamilok (or shipworm) and crickets, fire dancing, aerial acrobatics, and synchronized swimming.




The 34-year-old actress-host’s performance for the fourth anniversary of It’s Showtime was truly one-of-a-kind as she and partner Jhong Hilario switched gender roles in a truly unforgettable ballroom-inspired dance number. Jhong was dressed in a skin-baring, skimpy red frock and acted as a woman, while Anne was unbelievably manly in her costume and gestures. The pair eventually returned to their original roles and outfits at the end of their performance.




For the fifth staging of Magpasikat, Anne teamed up with Coleen Garcia in a unique and thrilling musical number wherein they became a two-woman band. They began by beat boxing, playing various musical instruments, and singing the It’s Showtime OST, then record the sounds they created out of those. Just when we thought that it would simply end there, everyone were all stunned to see them perform acrobatics mid-air with the use of two different large nets.




In 2015, Anne, alongside teammates Kuya Kim Atienza and Eric “Eruption” Tai used their production to deliver an important message regarding climate change. Anne and Eruption transformed into ninja warriors to topple down the villainous “Khu-Lim-Lim,” played by Kuya Kim.

Just when we thought that it’s going to be simple dance number and skit, we were all shocked to watch Kuya Kim’s hair getting shaved on live television as his way of imposing a valuable message about climate change.




Her 2016 Magpasikat entry was arguably the most unforgettable and most hair-raising as majority of their stuntsindeed defied gravity. Her teammates Amy Perez and Joey Marquez, together with Hashtags Paulo Angeles and Ryle Santiago and GirlTrends Miho Nishida and Maika Rivera gamely took on the challenge of showing their flexibility as they danced in the hallways of ABS-CBN Studios going to the It’s Showtime studio, where they showcased a series of aerial dance routines.

But what really was the highlight of this enthralling spectacle was the show-stopping and breathtaking performance of Anne and GirlTrend members Dawn Chang and Krissha Viaje while suspended mid-air at one of the sides of the insanely high ELJ Communications Center Tower.




In 2017, her team captivated the spectators with drone-powered live music video which they dubbed “Love Parade”. It featured the vocals of Anne, Nadine Lustre, Ryan Bang, and some members of Hashtags and GirlTrends. The millennial-theme production was indeed a delightful sight for it wasn’t only popping in bright hues, but they also made use of roller skates, hoverboards, and skateboards in their routines. It had also challenged the acrophobic Ryan as he was the one assigned to be tied to the bunch of colorful balloons that made him float mid-air while holding a red banner with “Happy 8th Anniversary It’s Showtime” artfully written on it.




Last year, Anne and her group gave us a The Greatest Showman-inspired number that once again made our jaws drop and our hearts stop beating as we watch her and her teammates, comprised of Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla, Hashtags Jameson Blake, Ryle Tan, Tom Doromal, and Kid Yambao, and GirlTrends Sammie Rimando and Kamille Filoteo, perform various acrobatic routines on-and-off-the-stage. The amazing spectacle was titled “The Greatest ShowMa-Anne and featured the once-in-a-lifetime moment of Mariel doing death-defying stunts.




And for this year, her team bedazzled us anew with another world-class act. She commenced Magpasikat 2019 by staging a circus-inspired production alongside co-host Amy Perez, Bidaman contestants, and other guest performers that narrated the journey of It’s Showtime in the past decade.



So, for you, what is Anne Curtis’ most unforgettable Magpasikat entry?