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MAJOR THROWBACK: It’s Showtime Magpasikat 2018

It’s considered one of the most anticipated events on television as the popular noontime show, It’s Showtime holds the annual Magpasikat competition; a week-long celebration where the program’s hosts go head-to-head in showcasing their most electrifying stage performances and astonishing production numbers.

As It’s Showtime holds its anniversary, the Madlang people all eagerly await the awe-inspiring and dazzling production numbers for the grand competition. Through the years, we’ve witnessed several surprising and highly entertaining stunts and showcases that truly made our hearts race and made our eyes bug out from amazement as each team perform their originally-produced stunts and presentations. Magpasikat 2018 was no exception as the show gave us its grandest performances to date, highlighting the immense talent of the show’s wonderful hosts as well as their well-thought-out acts that not only entertained, but also delivered powerful messages with regards to some of today’s social issues.

Team Karylle and Jhong Hilario ended the “Magpasikat Week” with a musical; a sequel to their performance last year that tells the story of a cockroach and a caterpillar tackling self-acceptance and gender equality. Beforehand, the tandem of Anne Curtis and Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla showcased a death-defying aerial show, cleverly dubbed as “The Greatest Show Ma-Anne” as it transformed the stage into a mini circus and impressed viewers with their heart-stopping routine. Team Vhong Navarro and Ryan Bang performed a dazzling lights spectacle injected with a touching narrative that tackles the issue of bullying. Earlier in the week, two teams also captured our attention, namely Vice Ganda and Amy Perez's group and their colorful stage performance as well as the heart-warming father-son story acted out by Team Jugs and Teddy.

Team Karylle and Jhong mesmerizes in super all original insect musicale on diversity  


Team Vhong and Ryan delivers powerful message on bullying in impressive lights and dance show


The Greatest ShowMa-Anne dazzles with death-defying aerial extraordinaire


Team Vice and Amy shows the power of dreams in full color


Team Jugs and Teddy touches hearts wit father and son's love live on TV