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Vice Ganda defines ‘Unkabogable’ in Magpasikat performances through the years

The word “unkabogable” has always been next to the name Vice Ganda. The comedy superstar has been entertaining us with impressive performances that only he can pull off on noontime variety program It’s Showtime. From being a simple comedian, Vice evolved into an all-around entertainer.

Every anniversary celebration of the program, hosts showcase the bests of their talents through Magpasikat. Vice never failed to give remarkable performances which led him to earn the title the ‘Unkabogable Star.’

However, the Magpasikat grand championship shied away from Vice, until he finally triumphed on It’s Showtime’s 10th year! At the beginning, his performances were only meant to bring laughs. But as Vice grew as an entertainer, his stages were eventually embedded with deep messages, touching the hearts of the viewers.



For the show’s first anniversary, Vice Ganda kept it simple but meaningful. He put up a mini-beauty pageant act and entertained the madlang people with his witty lines.  Vice Ganda’s message was being confidently beautiful singing Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful.” Beauty queens Miss International 2005 Precious Lara Quigaman and Miss Universe 1999 Miriam Quiambao made special appearance.   



Vice Ganda continued to entertain us with a skit. This time, it was inspired by hit movie “No Other Woman.” His comedian friends Pooh and Chokoleit joined him in the humorous performance. “No Other Woman” leading man Derek Ramsay also took part playing his role Ram, who came into the picture lying on a bed. Vice and Derek got madlang people and hosts screaming out of excitement of their intense scene.


Vice Ganda also performed an interpretative dance while a female trio emotionally sang “Now That You’re Gone” accompanied by live piano and violin. Viewers also enjoyed his several outfit changes on stage in a split second.



Remember the love line between Vice Ganda and Jhong Hilario? The two teamed up for a fun-filled show. The fans of their love team did not just have laughs but kilig as well. Vice and Jhong opened the stage with their reenactment of a famous scene from the movie “Soltera.” This was followed by their emotional singing, powerful dances and several funny skits. Vice and Jhong proved to be multi-talented entertainers. This performance was concluded with the special participation of Kapamilya actor Paulo Avelino.



Pasabog, death-defying, amazing and fabulous or PDAF was the theme of Vice Ganda’s stage. His set the stage ablaze with his acrobatic stunts. Vice was supposed to collaborate with Kuya Kim Atienza for this performance. However, Kuya Kim was recovering from his medical operation. Instead, he gave a short video for madlang people about his recovery.




Madlang people saw the tender side of Vice Ganda and Ryan Bang. The pair filled the studio with warmth as they soulfully sang about equality. Vice and Ryan performed with a chorus of diverse people. The song was an original composition made with the help of Gerard Salonga, which was played by the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra




Vice Ganda, Jugs Jugueta and Teddy Corpuz (Team TVJ) got the viewers engrossed in its innovative performance using optical illusion on live television. This refreshing creativity left the viewers in puzzle. Team TVJ also sang its original composition that made them Grand Champion that year.


Vice Ganda and Kuya Kim Atienza were paired again and finally got on stage together. They presented a sentimental act about gender equality, love and acceptance. Kuya Kim portrayed a role of a father scolding his gay son. The kid grew up to be Vice Ganda, whom expressed himself through floor work dance. He became successful in love and life and was eventually accepted by his father. This performance highlighted that love indeed wins.



Team TVJ came together again and made a very unexpected show for madlang people. Teddy Corpuz filled the studio with romance as he sang the ballad version of “Magpakailanman.” He surprised his wife Jasmine with a marriage proposal which she accepted. Madlang people witnessed the couple’s exchanged of ‘I dos.’ Vice Ganda sang his heartfelt interpretation of “Sa’Yo.” People were astonished at this special event that it even captured the hearts of Twitter users worldwide.




Vice Ganda and Tyang Amy brought inspiration encouraging people to pursue their dreams. Tyang Amy was a teacher to a young Vice Ganda who was not academically excellent, but talented in other aspect. She motivated him to go after what his heart wants. Vice Ganda then took over the stage with an empowering song. He was wearing a white gown which turned into a colorful piece when drenched in water. The performance portrayed that life comes into full color if one will go after their dreams.



Vice Ganda celebrated self-love through telling a “hair story.” With guest Dawn Zulueta and the Miss Q&A queens, the Unkabogable Star sang and danced to songs about hair, inspiring people to freely be true to themselves as free as their hair. He changed into a couple of colorful wigs matching his outfits too. Madlang people engaged in his performance too as they wore blonde wigs. 



Vice’s stage was extra special with the participation of people with alopecia which touched the hearts of the audience. Vice Ganda shared that he dedicated this to the alopecia society because many of them get inspiration from him. They felt Vice supports them whenever he wears a wig.

With this spine-tingling, visually spectacular performance that left the audience teary-eyed, Vice was named Grand Champion.

Vice Ganda kicked off his career with the intention of bringing joy to people, but through his career, he has matured into a superstar that has become an inspiration to many Filipinos.