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It’s Showtime’s “Sine Mo ‘To” now takes over online world

Those who have watched It’s Showtime ever since it started a decade ago could recall how one of its premiere segments dubbed “Sine Mo ‘To” had brought tons of laughter and unbelievable prizes to the madlang people. Besides, it was where we were able to witness the flourishing chemistry among the hosts, as well as their hidden humor and/or acting skills.

In that segment, a parody of an existing narrative – movie, teleserye, or published story – was presented through the witty story-telling of a pair of narrators, frequently took on by the dynamic duo Billy Crawford and Vhong Navarro. A portion of the ensemble was portrayed by the hosts themselves or guest artists, while the other characters were picked from the members of the live audience who underwent a brief audition before being brought to the stage.

And after a few years, the leading noontime program is bringing back the game every loyal Showtimers absolutely loved and missed, not on television, but online, through the YouTube channel Showtime Online Universe. Just like the main show, the channel has been doing great as well as it has already raked in over 500,000 subscribers who have made it a habit watching the episodes and consistently feeding us with a variety of amusing parodies on weekdays.

However, unlike the original, the digital version runs for almost an hour and is only released Mondays and Fridays. It’s created by Cheren-Cheren Studios and features GT and Hashtags members, Tawag ng Tanghalan Season 2 Winner Janine Berdin, Miss Q & A queens, and Showtime dancers as cast of every story. Let’s take a look on the five first episodes that are already uploaded since it started last June 24.

Kadenang GIN ‘To

Ushering us to the exciting show were Hashtag members Luke Conde and Vitto Marquez, who admitted feeling nervous and pressured at the same time, not only because it’s the first episode, but they’re filling in the seats of the amazing Billy-Vhong tandem as the narrators.

For their opening salvo, they presented “Kadenang GIN ‘to”, which was obviously based on the top-rating soap opera Kadenang Ginto. It had the same set of characters and almost similar storyline that were given life to by GT Krissha Viaje as Romina Mondragon, Miss Q & A Intertalaktic 2019 runner-up Brenda Mage, Dawn Chang as Daniela Mondragon, and Miss Q & A Intertalaktic 2019 Grand Winner Mitch Montecarlo Suasane as Marga. Janine Berdin was also on-stage to sing the original soundtrack of the show live, which got satirized as well.

Just like in the series, the relentless clashes of the four main characters were also the focus of narrative, yet they took their showdowns to a different level as they did the Mathematics Dance Challenge and the Beklaban. A madlang tanod was also called from the live spectators to stop them, who later on received P1000 cash and It’s Showtime and ABS-CBN goodies as prize. It ended with the creepy arrival of Robert, played by Hashtag Maru Delgado.

Kadenang GIN ‘To Part 2

The continuation of “Kadenang GIN ‘To” had a sweet twist to it as Janine and Vitto unexpectedly had sweet moments in between that were impossible to get unnoticed because of the electrifying chemistry they had.
In the second part, Robert (Maru Delgado) did things to prove that he’s indeed himself and his voice just changed and he got himself stuck in a golden chain after being cursed while trying his way out of the woods. Thus, in order to get him cured, the Mondragons called up a madlang albularyo (quack doctor), who later on got P1,010 and a few goodies as prize. 

Aside from her singing prowess, Janine also unleashed her snazzy dancing skills when she got pitted against the madlang albularyo to do the Mathematics Dance Challenge. The episode concluded with the ensemble taking on the hilarious Face Dance.

Las Baklitas

A brand new week means a brand new story to tell in Sine Mo ‘To: Online Na ‘To. Kicking off the month of July, narrators Hashtag Luke Conde and Hashtag Ryle Tan presented the totally rib-tickling parody of the afternoon drama Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Los Bastardos, entitled “Las Baklitas”. The plot might be similar, but instead of being starred by hot and handsome men, this rendition was headlined by gorgeous gay characters that bemused us with their unmistakable allure.

Brenda Mage played Doña Romana, while the sons were portrayed by Zeus Collins as Romana Jr., Nikko Natividad as Joaqueen, Tom Doromal as Matthea, Jimboy Martin as Connora, and It’s Showtime staff named Bruno as Lorenza. 

Las Baklitas zeroed in the story of five half-brothers who did everything to convince their ill gay father that they’re also like him, with the intention of acquiring his assets. However, with the arrival of lesbian sisters Lupito (Dawn Chang) and Francisco (Janine Berdin) who told them that one of the brothers impregnated the former when they were drunk. Dubious, Doña Romana looked for a madlang doctor to put his sons and the baby on a DNA test to determine if one of them is indeed the father.

But even before the specimens get examined, one of them shockingly admitted that he’s actually straight and he’s the father of the kid. Who would it be? Click on the video to find out.

Las Baklitas Part 2

In the second part of “Las Baklitas”, Doña Romana continued to put his sons, and even the two lesbian sisters, to the test to confirm their genders. A madlang abogado was also needed to relay the last will and testament of Doña Romana, who was later on discovered as the long-lost brother of his personal nurse.

Thrilled to open the treasure chest where his assets were contained, Romana Jr., Joaqueen, Matthea, and Connora were disappointed to only see his valued beauty parlor set sitting there, but not Lorenza, who got emotional upon the sight of it since he had been dreaming to have his own salon business as well. Despite fooling their father and making him believe that they are gays, Lorenza still equally shared among them the inheritance he got – bundles of cash and posh jewelleries – that unbeknownst to them, their father hid in the secret compartment inside the chest.

The Las Baklitas proceeded to a group hug and the madlang abogado took home P888 and some goodies from It’s Showtime and ABS-CBN.

May I Call, Pa? Sino Ang May Sala?

And for this week, narrators Hashtag Luke Conde and Hashtag Ryle Tan presented a new narrative entitled “May I Call, Pa? Sino Ang May Sala?”, which is obviously the parody of the primetime teleserye Sino Ang Maysala? Mea Culpa. It stars Zeus as Duroy, Nikko Natividad as Jaylord, Jameson Blake as Pogs, Janine Berdin as Bonita, Mikee Quintos as Greca, and Dawn Chang as Yuris. 

However, instead of having a dramatic plot, this version is certainly comedic yet still chilling as this group of friends had to hide a corpse they accidentally bumped into a club. They began calling their respective dads to ask if they happen to have a living room, wherein they can keep the lifeless body. 

Aside from taking their orders, the madlang waiter also played another important job in this narrative as he became the “double” of Showtime Dancer Mary when Zeus attempted to conduct mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to her.

How will this story end? Let’s find out on the second part!

If you’re looking for something fun to watch online during your leisure time, check out Sine Mo ‘To: Online Na ‘To and the other videos uploaded on Showtime Online Universe YouTube Channel and make it a habit!