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Bulol-bulary: Anne Curtis’ top bulol moments on It’s Showtime

The ‘Dyosa’ of Philippine showbiz and ultimate ‘It Girl’, Anne Curtis, does not only captivate us with her beauty, but also catches our attention and makes us laugh with her unintentional ‘bulol’ moments on It’s Showtime as one of its hosts.

While she could ace scripts written in English and have been doing well in Filipino, there were instances that she would sometimes mispronounce Filipino words. Although she has learned through the years how to speak the language, it is not a secret that Anne was born in Australia and English was her first language. That’s why it’s not surprising anymore to see her stammer when trying to say Filipino words.

For sure, you already miss seeing her on the noontime show for she’s been in an indefinite leave to take good care of her and husband Erwan Heusaff’s adorable firstborn Baby Dahlia Amelie. So for now, let’s just watch Stellar’s compilation of Anne’s ‘bulol’ moments on-air for this episode of “Laugh Team”.

“Kapatimpalak” instead of patimpalak

In the “Dami Mong Alam” round of the Mr. Q & A segment, Anne and co-hosts Vhong Navarro, Vice Ganda, and Jhong Hilario were interviewing the contestant, and while doing so, Anne asked Jhong if he would consider joining competitions or contests if he’s not working as a host.

And Anne’s exact words when she asked the question were “Ikaw Jhong, if given a chance, bilang konsehal ka rin naman, sasali ka rin ba sa ganitong kapatimpalak?” And Jhong couldn’t help but laugh at Anne’s mistake in saying the word “patimpalak” correctly. She realized it and then Vhong asked her to repeat the question. Then that’s when Anne got it right.

“Sinaag” instead of sinangag (or fried rice)

We all know that the Anne and Vice Ganda tandem would always make us laugh non-stop, especially when he corrects her with the words she says incorrectly. For instance, in one episode of Miss Q & A, the Unkabogable Star shared that he once had a foreigner boyfriend who wanted to eat “tapsilog”, thus he decided to cook for him but forgot to cook the sinangag. She was laughing so hard at Vice Ganda’s story but later on said what a sinangag was. And as she tried to repeat saying the word, she uttered “sinaag” instead. That’s when she also finally knew that sinangag is the Filipino word of fried rice.

“Pakirara” instead of pakilala

In one episode of the show during the segment “KapareWho”, Anne was introducing the lucky guys who had the chance of having new girlfriends. And instead of saying “ipakilala”, she stuttered in saying her line. Anne said “Ready na ang ating mga hinahanap kaya oras na para ipakirara na natin ang mga kala-WHO-k.” Vhong teased her that it was because of her turtleneck outfit during that time, while Jhong teased that she suddenly becomes a host-rapper.

“Batin” instead of bitin or kulang

Anne was tasked to deliver the line “Para ‘di bitin sa awitin, sa criteria for judging ay tumingin.” However, she struggled in saying the word “bitin” correctly that she had many attempts in saying it before she finally got it right. She uttered “patin” and “batin” until she realized that “bitin” was the right word. Her co-hosts jokingly left her alone on stage.

“Pinalanunan” instead of napanalunan

Anne was once again with her co-host Vice Ganda. They were interviewing the contestant when Anne initiated to ask him what he did with the price that he won last time. But instead of saying it right, Anne uttered “Anong ginawa mo sa pinalanunan mo?” She even tried repeating it twice, even slowly on the second time, thinking that “pinalanunan” was the right term. That’s why Vice Ganda and the audience once again couldn’t help but laugh.

“Magpatalawa” instead of magpatawa

While Anne, Jhong, and Vhong were hosting Miss Q & A segment, Jhong shared that Ion “Kuya Escort” Perez performed in Makati but joked that the city mayor was disappointed in his performance. He even added that the city mayor said “sayang TF.” That’s why Anne said a redeeming factor of Ion which was him being an effective comedian or joker. Even though Anne had good intentions and was serious in saying it, it still turned out funny as she said “Uy, magaling magpatalawa ‘yan!”

“Palakang puk--” instead of palakang bukid

In another episode of the Tawag Ng Tanghalan segment, Ryan Bang shared that frogs or “palaka” are actually good energy source for men. But Vice Ganda argued that it is believed that one can actually catch “kulugo” or warts when you touch frogs. And here comes Anne sharing that there are still some frogs that are clean. “’Yung palakang puk--,” she said and corrected it right away to “palakang bukid.” Anne herself also laughed so hard at what she could’ve almost said.

“Manglakwiran” instead of mangatwiran

It was Anne’s turn after Vice Ganda delivered her spiel for Mr. Q & A. Just when everyone thought that it would be a smooth introduction for the segment and the contestant, Anne struggled once again to finish her Filipino spiel correctly and said “Ito na ang patimpalak para sa mga ginoong malakas ang loob at malakas rin manglakwiran.” Jhong and Vhong laughed again at how Anne delivered it while Vice Ganda joked that they would leave Anne alone on stage.

“Hiniwalay-hiwalay” instead of hiniwa-hiwalay

In the Bidaman segment, Vice Ganda teased Vhong of his shower bangs because he had a new hairstyle that time. While the former was making fun of the latter’s new hairdo that time, Anne said “hiniwalayhiwalaywilay.” Vhong and Vice Ganda taught her the right way how to pronounce it accurately, but it was so hilarious how Anne found it so hard to say.

“Ishang relasyon” instead of isang relasyon

In Tawag Ng Tanghalan, Vice Ganda was saying that you should not get into a relationship if you cannot trust your partner, to which Anne completely agreed with, saying that trust is one of the most important things in a relationship. However, their serious conversation turned into a funny one as she uttered, “Parang ang isa sa pinanghahawakan sa ishang relasyon”, and she corrected it after.

“Dubidubidapdap” instead of ‘Di ba

In another episode of Tawag ng Tanghalan, Vice was explaining the pros and cons of being the first contestant to perform. According to him, the advantage is that you are not much pressured because there weren’t other contestants who performed before you whom you need to exceed your performance level on. But the disadvantage, he said, was that you need to set the mood and expectations of everyone. And Anne wanted to agree and say “’Di ba?” but then she ended up saying “Dubidubidapdap.” That’s why Vice teased her again.

Error: word unknown

Anne was already about to say her ending spiel in another segment of Tawag Ng Tanghalan but after saying the first words of her line, she already stammered upon saying the next words which sounded unknown as she said it. “Abangan naman ang mga magbublub#@$#*@,” Anne uttered. And everyone just laughed at how hilarious it sounded.

“Napapaming-ngiti” instead of napapangiti

In another episode of KapareWho, when Vhong turned it over to Anne to interview the “kalaWHOks about how they feel at that moment, it was actually a smooth transition. Until Anne struggled once again to say “napapangiti” as she wanted to say that the ladies haven’t smiled yet.

Looking forward on seeing you again on It’s Showtime, Anne!