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14 times Vice, Angeline amused the madlang people with their funny kulitan moments on It’s Showtime

It is said that finding and keeping genuine and long-lasting relationships in the ever-complicated world of showbiz is impossible. Thus, it’s truly amazing to see strong and admirable friendships like that of long-time besties Vice Ganda and Angeline Quinto, which we’re able to further witness in their funny kulitan moments of It’s Showtime.

The Queen of Teleserye Theme Songs has been appearing on the noontime show in the previous years as a guest performer. But last January 19, she was officially introduced as the newest judge or hurado for Tawag ng Tanghalan and was warmly welcomed by the gregarious family. Since then, we’re able to further witness their wonderful bond that truly amused us and probably even made us envious or relate with. 

And in this episode of Kapamilya Toplist, let us take a look back on some of their hilarious moments that indeed made us laugh!

On her first week at her new job, the hosts bombarded Angeline with intriguing questions regarding her controversial romantic affair with fellow singer and TNT judge Erik Santos. Avid followers of local showbiz know that they’ve been rumored as a couple in the past years, but they never confirmed nor denied it, leaving everyone puzzled over the real score between them.

And ever since her first day, the hosts, and even the other hurados, have been instantly putting them on the hot seat every time they appear on the same episode or the name of the other one is mentioned. Such as that one instance when one of the contenders disclosed that she’s mentored by Erik, which prompted Angeline to divulge how he has stood not only as her perennial singing partner, but as mentor as well, especially whenever they have shows abroad. As the Unkabogable Star asked if the King of Teleserye Theme Songs hurt her, she refuted it and declined to further talk about it.

Well, it’s probably because the 31-year-old singer-actress is happy and very much in love in her current relationship, which she hinted on her first day as a hurado – much to the surprise of the hosts, especially of her best friend. However, she refused to name it when asked a number of times.

But their hilarious kulitan moments didn’t only happen inside the It’s Showtime studio, as it got extended on Zoom! From her flawless armpits up to her noticeable backgrounds every time they go live, Vice Ganda and the hosts never failed to poke fun at her, to which Angeline wittily responds.

Her close friend may be a great comedian, but the good-humored singer-actress knows how to jestingly and unfailingly clapback on his jokes and in their banters.

Wouldn’t you wish to have the same kind of friendship that Vice and Angeline share?

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