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Zeus Collins delights us with breathtaking moves and sidesplitting humor in TikTok videos

Hashtags member Zeus Collins has been gracing us with his crazy dance moves since his stint as a housemate at Pinoy Big Brother 737 where he’s been dubbed as the “God of the Dance Floor.”


Zeus revealed in a Magandang Buhay interview that he started to have interest in dancing ever since he was young, and he considers his mother as his biggest influencer when it comes to being in love in dancing. There’s no question how much of a great dancer, breakdancer to be specific, Zeus is.



Needless to say, he already had the time of his life when he performed at his own concert entitled ‘Dance Machine Concert’ in 2018 where he also had his colleagues as his guest performers including Dawn Chang, Ryan Bang and co-Hashtags Nikko Natividad, Paulo Angeles, to name a few. Zeus has also made it to the trending list on social media when he surprised us as he danced in high heels on It’s Showtime.


And if you’re a social media savvy, Zeus will be one of the people on top of your mind when you think of the best TikTokers. Since Zeus has already mastered dancing, it’s not surprising that he can kill it with his dance moves in the widely popular app TikTok. For sure, he enjoys dancing in TikTok just as much as he enjoys performing on stage. He even has several TikTok compilations posted by his fans on YouTube.


If you enjoy watching Zeus heat up the dance floor, and if you want to see his funnier side, then you should definitely start following him on TikTok! If you still haven’t seen his TikTok videos, here are some of them which can get you hooked!



##1❤️ ##InMyConverse and ##SelfCare .

♬ LOVE ME TOO BY KIRBY - gracetaylor1908


Breakdance isn’t the only one running in Zeus’ blood. If you want to see his smooth moves, well, we’ve got you covered! In this TikTok video, Zeus danced to the song of artist and singer-songwriter Kirby Lauryen entitled “Love Me Too” - a song piece she composed when she was working with a well-known sneaker brand. That’s why Zeus also had the hashtag bearing the sneaker brand in this video while flaunting his own pair.



Bawala nga pala gumala ngayon, sorry po ✌🏼😅

♬ original sound - Zeus Collins


Social media definitely has not only been a platform for communication or information, but also a platform for entertainment and good vibes, especially in very difficult times like this when we experience a crisis.


Zeus looked funny as he did an impression of Dora The Explorer. He was even in complete attire as he wore a wig, a pink polo shirt partnered with orange-colored shorts, and white shoes - a very Dora-like vibe. Zeus matched his acting with the current situation as he acted as the “Inidora” who wanted to go outside but was supposed to stay inside because of the imposed community quarantine. And this can serve as a reminder to the viewers of the right thing to do in the current situation, which is to stay at home if they do not have a very important business outside.



Gow INI-DORA!!! 😂🚽

♬ Dora The Explorer Theme Song - The Hit Crew


Zeus was once again back with his dance moves as “Inidora” with his complete outfit! Maybe what made him different with the original Dora was he’s probably richer!



Maligo tayo para walang VIRUS 😂

♬ original sound - Zeus Collins


Still in relation to the right etiquette that should be observed to avoid being infected with any bacteria or virus, Zeus reminds us all in this video to always take a bath to maintain good hygiene - but Zeus did it in a very humorous way. He lipsynced a hilarious song called “Naligo Ka Na Ba” by the late actor and comedian Rene Requiestas. Zeus even did so much effort in portraying two characters in his video - one of which even impersonated the late actor.



##duet with @Stella Lastimosa Vaklang twooooo 😂

♬ Cooking cleaning challenge - BUKNOY GLAMURRR


It’s everywhere on the internet - the trending “cooking cleaning” dance cover of the TikTok sensation Stella Lastimosa who had her dance cover of “Hey Mama” circulated all over the social media, not only in TikTok. And of course, Zeus did not miss the chance to have a #duetwithStellaLastimosa, which by the way was his hashtag in his TikTok post. Zeus had his wig on, his black tube and maong shorts on to match with Stella.



Fighting virus 👊🏻🦠

♬ Corona Virus - LIL NIX


Zeus, who seemed to be with his family, danced to the tune of Lil Nix’s “Corona Virus” with matching face masks. Dancing really runs in their blood!




♬ Need A Freak (feat. Huncho Da Rockstar, K.Blasst, Number9ok) - Mighty Bay


It really doesn’t matter where Zeus is when he dances. In this TikTok video he had a dance cover of “Need a Freak” which consists of some hot dance moves and some fancy footwork.




♬ original sound - Christian Abrazaldo


Who would miss lip-syncing the dialogues of Popoy and Basha from the famous film “One More Chance”? Most probably no one, not even Zeus himself. He portrayed the character of Basha and delivered her lines while wrapped with a bath towel around him. Of course he had a partner who impersonated Popoy and who was equally humorous as Zeus.




♬ Popoy to basha - QR


This was another TikTok video of Zeus doing a parody of the exchanges again between “One More Chance”’s Popoy and Basha. Here, Zeus portrays the character of Basha again. It was a scene where Popoy was breaking up with Basha, but it turned out to be hilarious when Zeus and his partner did it.


Zeus definitely delighted us with not only his incredible moves but his humor as well in these TikTok videos!