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Vice Ganda touched by fans’ kind gestures
During the opening spiels of It’s Showtime today, May 27, Vice Ganda shared a story that touched him emotionally.

According to Vice, he got surprised when a random person gave him a banana one time. When he asked what it was for, the man said that Vice makes him happy and a banana was all he could afford to give the comedian. Vice recalled that during that time, he cried in his car because he got overwhelmed by the kind gesture of the man.

Moreover, Vice also recalled that one of his fans gave him kakanin during a taping of Gandang Gabi Vice. Vice said that the kakanin was sent by a vendor in the province who wants to thank him for keeping her entertained.

The Showtime hosts gave Vice a group hug. “Lord, salamat sa strength,” said Vice, who added that life is indeed, beautiful.  

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