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Team TBJ gives out P90,000 to madlang contestant in their “Magpasikat” performance
Last to perform for It’s Showtime’s Magpasikat, Teddy Corpuz, Billy Crawford, and Jugs Jugueta aka Team TBJ began with a parody of the other hosts performances. They soon transitioned into a game show called, “Whatchamacall8,” with Teddy, Billy and Jugs dancing and singing to a song they composed.

They randomly picked a madlang pipol to become a studio contestant. The hosts also introduced their guests Nadine Lustre and James Reid, who joined the game show as the “Te Maarts.” A charades game, the contestant must guess the words that the “Te Maarts” will mime within 8 seconds. Having a chance to win up to P50,000 for the first round, the contestant only won P40,000.

Acting like a real game show with a commercial break, Billy, Teddy and Jugs starred in funny commercials about soy sauce, soap and skin care service.

Resuming the program, they proceeded to the jackpot round where the contestant must guess a whole phrase to win additional cash. Fortunately, he got the correct phrase and won P50,000 by spinning a roulette.

In the end, the madlang contestant took home a total of P90,000 in winnings.

Hurado Pops Fernandez said that their show was purely for entertainment and fun. Hurado Jim Paredes, on the other hand, said that he was surprised and delighted by their performance, adding that it was really funny with perfect execution. Lastly, hurado Cherie Gil said that the trio has perfect chemistry. Further, she said that she found it witty, brilliant and creative.